Recommended equipment

To assist with recording objects and coins on our database, we recommend the following equipment:

  • Digital or analogue callipers (digital are preferable due to accuracy)
  • Digital scales and a calibration weight
  • A desk lamp, with a natural daylight bulb for illumination of the object when you are taking photographs
  • A digital camera with a macro function and at least 10 megapixels.
    • Macro function on
    • Fine picture quality
    • A low shutter speed (e.g. 1/160)
    • Large aperture (low f number)
    • ISO 200
    • A white balance to suit the background light around you
    • Play around with your settings though, and be sure to make a note of what works
  • A tripod to prevent shaking when taking photographs
  • A scanner for high quality images of coins

If you want advice on the best items to purchase, or help with photography, speak to your local FLO.