Horse harness pendants

Horse harness fittings

The main shapes are shield, lozenge, square/rectangular, circular, quatrefoil, trefoils, (and other foils) crosses, fleur de lis, openwork and irregular outline.

Most are 13th or 14th century, although they can date from the Early Medieval period. They are generally made from cast copper alloy with an integral loop. They range from 20mm to 120mm in height. They can be decorated. Some display heraldry that can be recognised, but others are poor quality and were probably not connected with nobility. Pendants are usually suspended on mounts, by passing an iron pin through their loops.

Example description

A complete Medieval cast copper alloy harness pendant. The pendant is shield shaped, with a circular integral suspension loop. The front is decorated in a heraldic pattern. There are three diagonal lines dividing the pendant in two. In the lower half are three lions. The upper part is worn, and cannot be made out. The pendant is complete, and is in a fair condition. The pendant is 43mm high, 27.6mm in width and weighs 8.44 grams. It dates to the 13th or 14th century.

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