Export Licences: Do I need one?

All UK archaeological objects found in the ground and at least 50 years old need an Export Licence before they can be exported overseas (for further details see the Arts Council England's guidance). Finders/exporters should also familiarise themselves with the Treasure Act and follow the procedure for reporting items of potential treasure.

It is best practice for finds to be recorded with the PAS before they are exported, although the Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) may be selective in recording finds shown to them, especially if the objects are less than 300 years old or precise findspot information is lacking. Whilst FLOs welcome the opportunity to records finds prior to export and can provide advice on the export licensing process, they are not able to make applications on behalf of exporters/finders. Exporters/finders (particularly those based abroad), including those attending metal detecting rallies, should make arrangements themselves (perhaps via the landowner or a metal-detecting tour operator) to deposit finds with the FLO for recording. It is the exporters/finders responsibility to collect the finds from the FLO, apply for an export licence, and post them overseas.