Lucius Verus

Reece Period attributed: Period 8

Obverse image of a coin of Lucius Verus

Member of the The Antonines dynasty.

Coins for this issuer were issued from 161 until 169.

Lucius Ceionius Commodus was the adoptive second son of Antoninus Pius. He was born in AD 130, and Antoninus Pius favoured Marcus Aurelius to Lucius.

Marcus Aurelius elevated his adoptive brother to co-ruler upon the death of Antoninus Pius. Verus headed the Syrian campaign in the Parthian War; he spent much time with a courtesan and left the fighting to his generals.

Verus suffered a stroke in 168, while returning from an expedition to the Danube frontier with his brother. Marcus Aurelius buried his brother alongside their adoptive father in the Mausoleum of Hadrian.

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Information from Wikipedia

  • Preferred label: Lucius Verus
  • Full names:
    • Lucius Verus
  • Title: Roman consul III, Roman consul II
  • Predecessor: Antoninus Pius
  • Successor: Marcus Aurelius
  • Definition: Lucius Aurelius Verus (15 December 130 – January/February 169) was Roman emperor from 161 until his death in 169, alongside his adoptive brother Marcus Aurelius. He was a member of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty. Verus' succession together with Marcus Aurelius marked the first time that the Roman Empire was ruled by multiple emperors, an increasingly common occurrence in the later history of the Empire. The eldest son of Lucius Aelius Caesar, first adopted son and heir to Hadrian, Verus was born and educated in Rome where he held several political offices prior to taking the throne. After his biological father's death in 138, he was adopted by Antoninus Pius, who was himself adopted by Hadrian. Hadrian died later that year, and Antoninus Pius succeeded to the throne. Antoninus Pius ruled until 161 and was succeeded by Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius. The majority of Verus's reign was occupied by his direction of the war with Parthia which ended in Roman victory and some territorial gains. After initial involvement in the Marcomannic Wars, he fell ill and died in 169. He was deified by the Roman Senate as the Divine Verus (Divus Verus).
  • Parents:
  • Birth place:
  • Death place: Roman Italy, Altinum
  • Spouse:
  • Other title(s):
    • Roman consul III
    • List of Roman emperors
    • List of early imperial Roman consuls
    • Roman consul II
  • Came After:
    • Marcus Antonius Pallas (consul 167)
    • Quintus Caecilius Dentilianus
    • Marcus Nonius Macrinus
    • Paetus
    • Marcus Annius Libo (consul 161)
    • Quintus Camurius Numisius Junior
  • Came before:
    • Quintus Petiedius Gallus
    • Gaius Cattius Marcellus
    • Marcus Vibius Liberalis
    • Novius Sabinianus
    • Tiberius Oclatius Severus
    • Publius Martius Verus
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