Theodosius II

Obverse image of a coin of Theodosius II

Member of the Fifth Century dynasty.

Coins for this issuer were issued from 402 until 450.

Theodosius II was born in 401 to Arcadius and Eudoxia. He became Augustus when nine months old, and was only seven when his father died and he became sole emperor of the east.

The Praetorian Prefect acted as regent for the young emperor, and in 414 his sister Aelia Pulcheria took over. She continued effectively ruling even after her brother came of age, but his reign proved comparatively peaceful. The Codex Theodosianus emerged during this period, and only in the last years of Theodosius' reign did the Balkan Peninsula suffer multiple attacks by the Huns. The emperor had to sign several humiliating treaties with Atilla the Hun.

Theodosius II died at Constantinople in 450, after injuring his spine while hunting.

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  • Preferred label: Theodosius II
  • Full names:
    • Title: Roman consul VI–VII, Roman consul III, Roman consul XV, Roman consul XVII, Roman consul XI, Roman consul XII, Roman consul II, Roman consul IV–V, Roman consul XIV, Roman consul XVI, Roman consul IX, Roman consul X, Roman consul VIII, Roman consul XIII
    • Predecessor: Arcadius
    • Successor: Marcian
    • Definition: Theodosius II (Greek: Θεοδόσιος, Theodósios; 10 April 401 – 28 July 450), commonly called Theodosius the Younger, was Roman emperor for most of his life, proclaimed Augustus as an infant in 402 and ruling as the eastern Empire's sole emperor after the death of his father Arcadius in 408. His reign was marked by the promulgation of the Theodosian law code and the construction of the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople. He also presided over the outbreak of two great Christological controversies, Nestorianism and Eutychianism.
    • Parents:
    • Birth place:
    • Death place:
    • Spouse:
    • Other title(s):
      • Roman consul VI–VII
      • Roman consul III
      • Roman consul XV
      • Roman consul XVII
      • List of late imperial Roman consuls
      • Roman consul XI
      • Eastern Roman emperor
      • Roman consul XII
      • Roman consul II
      • Roman consul IV–V
      • Roman consul XIV
      • Roman consul XVI
      • Roman consul IX
      • Roman consul X
      • Roman consul VIII
      • Roman consul XIII
    • Came After:
      • Valentinian Augustus II
      • Anthemius Isidorus
      • Varanes (consul 410)
      • Areobindus (consul 434)
      • Theodosius Augustus XVII
      • Honorius Augustus XI
      • Eustathius (consul)
      • Tertullus
      • Anatolius (consul 440)
      • Plinta
      • Festus
      • Valentinian Augustus V
      • Asclepiodotus (consul 423)
      • Heraclianus
      • Hierius (consul 427)
      • Avitus Marinianus
      • Lucius (consul 413)
      • Agricola (consul 421)
      • Theodosius Augustus XII
      • Aspar
      • Nomus
      • Antiochus Chuzon
      • Ardabur (consul 427)
      • Aristaenetus (consul)
      • Anicius Auchenius Bassus (consul 408)
      • Anicius Auchenius Bassus (consul 431)
      • Honorius Augustus VI
      • Valentinian Augustus VI
      • Philippus
      • Monaxius
      • Flavius Constantius II
      • Senator (consul 436)
    • Came before:
      • Castinus
      • Theodosius Augustus XVI
      • Sigisvultus
      • Constans (consul 414)
      • Theodosius Augustus XI
      • Arcadius Augustus V
      • Eustathius (consul)
      • Arcadius Augustus VI
      • Areobindus (consul 434)
      • Plinta
      • Tertullus
      • Honorius Augustus V
      • Valerius (consul 432)
      • Honorius Augustus XI
      • Constantius III
      • Victor
      • Paterius (consul 443)
      • Anicius Petronius Probus
      • Petronius Maximus II
      • Aetius II
      • Dionysius (consul 429)
      • Agricola (consul 421)
      • Flavius Aetius
      • Monaxius
      • Anicius Auchenius Bassus (consul 408)
      • Flavius Constantius II
      • Aspar
      • Florentius (consul 429)
      • Valentinian III
      • Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus
      • Varanes (consul 410)
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