Manlia Scantilla

Reece Period attributed: Period 10

Obverse image of a coin of Manlia Scantilla

Member of the 193-197 dynasty.

Coins for this issuer were issued from 193 until 193.

Manlia Scantilla was wife of the short-termed emperor Didius Julianus. She and their daughter survived his assassination in 193 and buried his body.

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Record: WILT-D0772D
Object type: COIN
Broadperiod: ROMAN
Description: A copper alloy Roman sestertius of Manlia…
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  • Preferred label: Manlia Scantilla
  • Full names:
    • Manlia Scantilla
  • Title:
  • Predecessor:
  • Successor:
  • Definition: Manlia Scantilla (fl. 193) was a Roman woman who lived in the second century. She was very briefly Roman Empress as wife to the Roman Emperor Didius Julianus. Her name indicates that she was born into the gens Manlia, which if correct, indicates an illustrious patrician ancestry. Manlia Scantilla married the general Didius Julianus before his succession. Around 153, she bore Julianus a daughter and only child, Didia Clara, who was known for her beauty. Her husband became emperor on 28 March 193 (known as "Year of the Five Emperors"). On that day, Scantilla and her daughter were awarded the title of Augusta by a decree of the Roman Senate. Scantilla enjoyed her title and status for less than three months because Julianus was killed on 1 June 193. The new emperor, Septimius Severus, removed her status and title as Augusta, but gave Scantilla and her daughter the former emperor's body for burial. The two women buried Julianus in a tomb alongside his great-grandfather, outside of Rome. Within a month of Severus' accession to the throne, Scantilla died in obscurity. The fate of Didia Clara is unknown.
  • Parents:
    • Father:
    • Mother:
  • Birth place:
  • Death place:
  • Spouse:
  • Other title(s):
    • Augusta (honorific)
    • Empress of Rome
  • Came After:
    • Julia Domna
  • Came before:
    • Flavia Titiana
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