Cornelia Supera

Reece Period attributed: Period 12

Obverse image of a coin of Cornelia Supera

Member of the Third Century Emperors dynasty.

Coins for this issuer were issued from 249 until 249.

Gaia Cornelia Supera was Aemilian’s wife. She is completely unknown to history.

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Information from Wikipedia

  • Preferred label: Cornelia Supera
  • Full names:
    • Cornelia Supera
  • Title:
  • Predecessor: Afinia Gemina Baebiana, Herennia Etruscilla
  • Successor:
  • Definition: Gaia Cornelia Supera (died after 253 AD) was the Empress of Rome and wife of Emperor Aemilianus. Nothing is known about her life, except through numismatic evidences. Her full name on the coins is C[AIA] CORNEL[IA] SVPERA AVG[VSTA], or alternatively CORNEL[IA] SVPERA AVG[VSTA] or COR[NELIA] SVPERA AV[GVSTA]. Her coins are extremely rare. Her name and monuments were condemned after Valerian was hailed as emperor in October of 253.
  • Parents:
    • Father:
    • Mother:
  • Birth place:
  • Death place:
  • Spouse:
  • Other title(s):
    • List of Roman and Byzantine Empresses
    • List of Augustae
  • Came After:
    • Cornelia Salonina
  • Came before:
    • Herennia Etruscilla
    • Afinia Gemina Baebiana
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