The road network in Roman Britain studied using Portable Antiquities Scheme evidence in combination with desk-based landscape analysis tools

Principal investigator: Roger Bennett
Level: Masters degree

I am just about to start an MRes in Archaeology at the University of Chester (already formally enrolled). The research relates to Roman roads and PAS-recorded artefacts. In order to produce meaningful results I will need fairly precise location data for finds, though I am conscious of the need to minimise the risks of unauthorised detecting and digging and will be happy to ensure, in consultation with my supervisor, that any publicly available version of my dissertation is adapted where necessary. This particular case has already formed the subject of an email exchange with Sam Moorhead and Andrew Brown. Since the intended research is at Masters level rather than PhD, I shall be concentrating on only a couple of areas – probably either North Wales or Cheshire and the Chilterns (the latter because I have agreed access to high-resolution LIDAR data from the Chiltern Beacons of the Past Project and the former because they are local to Chester and have been subjected to relatively intense study in the recent past which provides good scope for confirmation of my approach).

Referee: Dr Caroline Pudney (Senior Lecturer, University of Chester)

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