Tewkesbury Abbey

Principal investigator: Eleanor March
Level: PhD level research

I am a PhD student based at the University of Exeter carrying out interdisciplinary research on Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, aiming to elucidate the development of the church and the monastic precinct from its early medieval origins until the Dissolution.

My main research questions are as follows:

  1. How did the church in Tewkesbury develop, from its early medieval origins and re-foundation as Benedictine monastery in the post-Conquest period, through to the Dissolution in the 16th century?
  2. What was the nature of the relationship between the church/religious institution and its religious community with its environs and associated lay community?
  3. How did the early medieval church and later medieval Benedictine monastery at Tewkesbury operate within a wider religious network?

Within this I am aiming to survey not only the surviving historical sources relating to the monastery but also the archaeological interventions in and around the abbey and the monastery of Tewkesbury, and map these on to GIS. As such I am hoping to incorporate data on finds from PAS to build a much more comprehensive image of where information has been recovered (especially as the abbey itself has been subject to very few, and quite minor archaeological excavations).

Referee: Oliver Creighton (Exeter University)

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