The Dumnonii

Principal investigator: Stuart Falconer
Level: PhD level research

I would like to become a researcher level user in order to access the relevant information needed to complete my PhD thesis. I am a postgraduate research student with the OU and have until October 2022 to complete my project. The purpose of the project is to write a comprehensive economic history of the south-westernmost territory of the province of Britannia in the Roman period (43-410AD) through an examination of the extant archaeological evidence and material culture found in the territory of the pre-Roman tribe known as the Dumnonii. The aim is to track the economic development of the region and identify how local populations experienced change and continuity within their society and culture. Part of this will require researcher level access so that I can access and utilise some of the currently restricted information on the database (such as grid references). Whilst only one of the sources of evidence that I am using for the research, the PAS is a crucial part of my intentions.

Referee: Ursula Rothe (Open University)

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