The Sky Deity in Britain

Principal investigator: Daniele Sylvester
Level: PhD level research

I'm a part time Phd student at University of Winchester researching the cult of the sky deity in Roman Britain. The main datasets for this project will come from material culture, including metal figurines and associated cult symbols found in stone, metalwork and other materials such as pottery and coinage. I'd like to become a research level user as I'm putting together a catalogue with the artefacts I'm using for my thesis. Part of this research is to enter spacial information on finds in relation to other relevant finds in the area using the QGis software, and this requires details such as the full grid reference. I am hoping to obtain enough data to discuss context information with some detail in the thesis alongside data about the landscape such as physical characteristics. The grid reference will also help to locate the find in relation to whether it was from an area of existing religious significance to the people who deposited it. Religious sites have longevity, and this is something I'm hoping to trace. In addition to this information I would like to obtain more detail on the finds in your database by examining the artefact, and in some cases, I'd like to be able to contact the finder when the artefact has been returned to them, to discuss this possibility. I expect to complete the project in 2023.

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