Boy Bishop Tokens

Principal investigator: Gary Oddie
Level: Personal research project

I have been collecting and studying what are commonly called Boy Bishop tokens for over twenty years. Along the way I have reviewed the published literature and given the odd short talk on the subject to Numismatic Societies and metal detecting clubs. This includes a reasonably confident suggestion as to the identity of the one named issuer.

I have recently started to organise my collection of 850 pieces, of which maybe 100 have some information about the find location. I have already mined the PAS dataset of its 451 Boy Bishop tokens and plotted the 380 where an approximate location is available. I would like to use the full PAS data set to refine and complete that map and then compare with my own map and data.

The results of the work will be talks to various numismatic societies in 2020 and a short publication. Longer term a book including a full historical, geographical and mould study is envisaged.

Referee: Martin Allen (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)

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