Context and Depostion or Bronze Age Dirks and Rapiers in South-East England and Scotland

Principal investigator: Aidan Alexander
Level: Masters degree

I am currently in the process of collecting data for my masters thesis. I am writing my thesis at Leiden University, and have included my supervisor as the referee.

My thesis will explore the context and depositional treatment of early and middle Bronze Age dirks & rapiers from South-east England and Scotland. I will be searching for regional/spatial patterns in how these objects were deposited, as well as searching for understanding of how these objects affected the societies into which they were adopted. My main aim is in finding patterns which could lead to a more nuanced understanding of the treatment of these innovations within the UK. It is important for me to get accurate GPS coordinates for the creation of distribution maps and for more accurate results due to more defined context. I will only need research access until the end of the year, at most, but will most likely be done by the end of August.

I will omit the exact coordinates from my thesis to repect the privacy of the find spots and the landowners/finder's personal data, and will include a section within the results to say as much.

Referee: David Fontijn (Leiden University, Netherlands)

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