The causes of Monetization in Roman Britain

Principal investigator: Katherine Thomson
Level: PhD level research

My name is Katherine Thomson, I am a PhD student at NYU. I am doing a course on the origin of money. I hope to do a term paper on the causes of monetization in Roman Britain.

Building on Hopkins (1980) Taxes and Trade model, I plan to look for correlations between monetization and administrative, commercial, and military activity. I will proxy monetization through regional per-capita coin density - estimated using population estimates and recovered coin numbers. All metadata will be anonymous. I will only use coin find-spot and estimated date of deposition.

I was inspired by a paper using data from the Portable Antiquities Scheme: Guest, Peter. "The early monetary history of Roman Wales: identity, conquest and acculturation on the imperial fringe." Britannia 39 (2008): 33-58. I will use a similar analysis for another region of Britain.

In addition, I plan to introduce a time series of per-capita coin density over time.

Referee: Sebastian Heath

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