Daniel Pett Varia

Principal investigator: Daniel Pett
Level: External project (UK only)

I have a variety of projects:

a) edit, amend and add Roman Republican Coin and Roman Imperial Coin identifiers to records so that they appear in the American Numismatic Society projects OCRE and CRRO. This will be done programmatically and manually using R stats or Python - reference for this is Professor Andrew Meadows, New College Oxford.

b) add data that we were funded under ESRC accelerator grant with Dan Hicks at Oxford University to the system from the Pitt Rivers Museum (relating to stray find activity)

c) research Bronze Age objects as part of ongoing work with Jennifer Wexler, Neil Wilkin and other academics relating to the Bronze Age Index for which I was project lead on the crowdsourcing of data under micropasts. - reference for this Neil Wilkin.

Referee: Tim Schadla-Hall (UCL)

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