Roman Provincial Coins in Northern Europe

Principal investigator: Dragan Milutinovic
Level: PhD level research

I am writing a PhD thesis (Wrocław University, Poland) on Finds of Roman provincial coins of the eastern part of the Roman Empire in Central Europe minted 44 BC- 296 AD. As I was collecting an as wide finds database as possible, which is important because of the rarity of these finds, I mapped the finds of coins minted in Egyptian Alexandria in the Roman times. These finds up to now were treated as "random finds, out of place finds, low credibility finds" in the areas out of Egypt. From my research it is clear that they form a very distinctive paths reaching from Sweeden in the north, through amber-road countries such as Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. I have discovered a new branch of this road reaching from Poland, through Germany, Belgium, France and England. The finds form very clear paths and show no signs of "randomness" in this matter, but also they have very simillar chronological distribution. Precise mapping of finds is very important for this task to be done properly. My paper on a smaller area of these finds in currently in print, but I can send you a copy (It is in Polish with a single page English summary).

The probable length of this project depends of numerousness of finds, but in a rough estimate it should take up to a one month.

Professor Borys Paszkiewicz is my supervisor.

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