Identity in Roman Lancashire

Principal investigator: Victoria Le Quelenec
Level: PhD level research

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Central Lancashire. My research aims to explore identity construction in Roman Lancashire, using coin evidence and artefacts associated with personal adornment.
In order to carry out this research, and obtain the best possible data set for my analysis I have chosen to analyse coins from known sites, as well as coins found at individual find spots in the region. It is hoped by doing this I can investigate how identities are constructed in the period, and how these identities may manifest or change depending on the context of the site. As such, I am aiming to cover sites associated with military, industrial and settlement activity in order to ascertain how these changes in identity are displayed across the region.
I am currently in my second year of research, with my intended submission date to be in 2020. As such, I would be grateful for an upgrade to researcher access, in order to allow me to obtain the largest dataset possible to provide an in-depth analysis of the region.

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