Anglo-Saxons in the Lower Test Valley

Principal investigator: RyanLavelle
Level: Archaeology society project

Current partnership with Romsey Local History Society in "Anglo-Saxons in the Lower Test Valley" project. Research question has arisen as to whether there are any sceattas found in the parishes in the Lower Test Valley since publications of 2003 -- addressing whether evidence of iron smelting at Romsey in "mid-Saxon" period has any quid pro quo exchange of Hamwic sceattas (if the ironwork went to Hamwic). Regression analysis in 2003 (Pestell & Ulmschneider volume) entirely bypasses Lower Test valley, but it would be useful to confirm whether this is still the case as there are 3 known sceatta finds in Test Valley district, which may be from outside the region of study. Knowing find-spots of other A-S material in Test Valley district would also be helpful, though less essential.

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