Viking Nottinghamshire

Principal investigator: Rebecca Gregory
Level: Personal research project

I am writing a book entitled "Viking Nottinghamshire", which will be published by Five Leaves Press in November 2017. The book includes information on Viking and Anglo-Scandinavian finds within the county, and access to fuller information on some finds on the PAS database would be extremely helpful for me, and will ensure accurate information is included in the book. The book will be popular (i.e. for a general public audience), and attempts to synthesise academic work on the Viking Age and its legacy in Nottinghamshire. I would of course follow all appropriate guidelines in terms of what information can be disclosed in a published work, and will be providing details of the PAS website as a resource in a "further information" section as part of the book. My own research background is primarily in name-studies, with a Scandinavian focus, and I am a member of the Centre for the Study of the Viking Age at the University of Nottingham.

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