Registered Battlefields at Risk

Principal investigator: Stuart Foreman
Level: Desk based assessment

A total of six Registered Battlefields are on the 2013 Heritage at Risk Register (Historic England). Of these, five cite development pressure on the urban fringe as the principal vulnerability. The importance of the areas designated as Registered Battlefields is not in question, however in order to manage change, local authorities and English Heritage need a good understanding of how significance and conservation values (as defined in the English Heritage guidance document Conservation Principles) are expressed in and across the registered areas. The removal of these battlefields from the Heritage at Risk Register requires an effective planning framework, based on a good understanding of each battlefield and the contribution of both landscape and physical remains to the significance of the registered site.

The understanding must then be articulated clearly in a form that can be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance by local authorities and used to facilitate better public understanding and management of the asset. This project will evaluate two battelfields at risk: Newburn Ford and Boroughbridge in order to better understand these battlefields, their significance and the risks posed by development. The lessons learned from these studies will provide a template for other similar studies in the future.

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