Travel and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England

Principal investigator: Eleanor Rye
Level: Major research (Leverhulme funded)

I am a Research Associate at the Institute for Name-Studies, University of Nottingham, working on the project 'Travel and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England'. The project, a three-year interdisciplinary research project funded by The Leverhulme Trust, is a collaborative venture between the Institute of Archaeology at University College London and the Institute for Name-Studies, and runs from November 2014. The project team, which consists of archaeologists, historians, and place-name scholars, is working to reconstruct Anglo-Saxon England's overland route-system (and its intersections with the riverine route-system) using textual, landscape archaeological, and place-name evidence.

I am primarily working with place-name and textual evidence (especially Anglo-Saxon charter boundary clauses) and recording this in a GIS. Access to accurate findspot data will allow further investigation of these routeways. Besides helping identify the courses of routeways that are only recorded at intervals along their routes in textual sources, interrogating the PAS database might allow further questions to be resolved. For instance, can destinations (trading sites etc.) that routeways served be identified? Can associated finds help us identify periods when routeways were in use? What can finds associated with routeways reveal about the type(s) of travellers who used them?

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