Personal research including Medieval village formation

Principal investigator: Rainer Schreg
Level: Personal research project

I am a German archaeologist working at the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz and teaching at universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg and Mainz.

1.) I have long-term research interests in processes of medieval village formation. There are comparable processes in Britain and central Europe and I aim for a comparative approach at a historical and geographical as well as on a methodological perspective. At this time I want to evaluate the research potential of the PAS database to approach questions of shifting settlement location. This will contribute to a comparative characteristic of the archaeological database related to rural settlements in various European landscapes. Finally I need to identify possible case studies, which can be compared with examples from Germany and France.

2.) As my scientific weblog Archaeologik has a strong emphasize in cultural heritage protection, I was recently asked by the editors of a German archaeological journal for an assessment of the PAS approach in relation to German research traditions and to the different background in heritage laws in German federal states. This article should be published in 2015.

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