The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary

Principal investigator: Martin Bell
Level: Major publication

I am preparing a monograph on The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary (including Somerset Levels) for publication as a Council for British Archaeology Research Report. The bulk of this monograph comprises reports on my Severn Estuary wetland excavations at Redwick, Peterstone, Brean Down and a number of smaller sites. These are put in a wider context by a review of the Bronze Age evidence from both wetland and dryland contexts in the wider Severn Estuary region. The synthesis spans both the Welsh and English sides of the Severn Estuary. Metalwork finds contribute to this picture and I am keen to update the published distribution maps, many of which are 20-30 years old by including the recent substantial number of finds from my study area (broadly E-W Taunton to Bath; N-S Taunton to Gloucester. More precise grid reference findspots than are available on the general website will be particularly helpful in establishing the relationship of finds to landscape features especially the wetland boundaries and river courses which, from the earlier published maps appear to be especially significant in metalwork distributions. Any data used will be in the form of maps published at a small scale (main maps 2cm=10km) so it will not be possible for readers to identify exact findspots.

I have looked at the generally available website information and established that there are a very large number of finds relevent to my study. I would appreciate any guidance possible from PAS staff which may help me to avoid double mapping of older finds. At present I have distribution maps based only on the previously published finds. For most of my study area the latest published maps are mid 1980s, the exception is Gwent with maps published in 2004. Am I safe to include PAS finds with recorded discovery dates later than the publication dates of maps or have significant numbers of older, pre PAS finds, been entered onto your database?  

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