Relationship between Bronze Age hoards and stray finds

Principal investigator: Alex Davies
Level: Masters degree

I am researching Bronze Age hoards and important individual finds, and plan to place them in their social and landscape contexts to try and better understand them. I would like to have greater access to the database to analyse the spatial relationships between hoards and topographic and cultural features in the landscape, and see if and how these patterns change over time. Hopefully this will allow a more contextualised study of hoards which focuses less on their technical aspects and more on their function and relation to the dynamics of contemporary society. I would also like to have greater access to the database as the current published catalogue of finds is very out of date for the majority of the country, as the upsurge in metal detecting in the past few decades has led to a surge in these finds and currently it is hard to properly compare and contrast them. I am at MA level and this project will end in September 2012.

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