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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Jill York Llife-cycle of provenanced material upstream of Teddington

I would like to become a research level user as I am returning to research on Bronze Age metalwork from the Thames, initially done for an MA at Reading University and published in OJA in 2002. For this I looked at the life-cycle of provenanced material upstream of Teddington and I would n…

Personal research project -
Olwyn Owen Early medieval metalwork

Early medieval metalwork - at the moment, specifically looking for comparanda for an early medieval, highly decorated, octofoil gilded copper alloy mount found on the Brough of Birsay, Orkney - a piece of insular metalwork found in an early Viking context.

Personal research project -
Tom Moore Academic research on oppida

Academic research on finds from major Iron Age multiple ditch complexes as part of analysis and comparison with research project on Bagendon 'oppidum', Gloucestershire. 

Personal research project 2012
Dave Haldenby Work on pinhead types and profiles on a site basis

Development of ideas about pinhead type profiles and metalwork (pins-/strap-ends/coins) profiles for specific sites. When these are set against profiles produced from PAS records(discounting data from the specific sites) for the same area of the country interesting matches are seen.

Personal research project -
Julie Gibson Personal research into Viking artefacts

I am the Orkney Islands Council County Archaeologist. I have an interest in Vikings (especially due to current excavation activity). This is a long term interest, but I am particularly interested in the recent forged Viking coin find from Wirral.

Personal research project -
Hugh Willmott Research on Post Medieval spoons

I'm frequently engaged in material culture projects related to my archaeological research and excavation. I'm currently writing a paper on 16th/17th century spoons so PAS data is crucial to this. If possible I would like longer term research access as I am just initiating a five year rese…

Personal research project -
Steven Matthews Chronology and Typology of Carp's-Tongue and Ewart Park hoards in southern England.

Groningen Institute of Archaeology, University of Groningen

A comprehensive catalogue of hoards of Late Bronze Age III (c. 1000/950-800 BC) in southern England - to which the PAS contributes significantly - is being assembled with the hope of providing a greater degree of …

Personal research project -
Teresa Gilmore King’s Head Strap Clasps or Buckles

Personal research project on strap clasps and buckles. 

Personal research project -
Emma-Kate Lanyon DBA

As Curator of Archaeology for Shropshire Council I require an upgrade so that I can access greater detail about PAS finds and log actions for Treaure cases. This is ongoing.

Personal research project -
John Davis History of sundials and mathematical instruments in Britain

Researching the history of sundials and mathematical instruments in Britain, particularly from the medieval and early-modern periods.

I am currently the editor of the British Sundial Society's quarterly journal.

Personal research project -
John Talbot A detailed study of Icenian coinage following a full die study of the coinage.

I am undertaking a detailed study of Icenian coinage following a full die study of the coinage.

Personal research project -
Johan Nicolay North Sea kings

As a post doctoral researcher I am making an inventory of early medieval valuables from the southern North Sea area, including southeast England. This will result in an English book, titled "North Sea kings".

Personal research project -
David Graham Personal research on the archaeology of Surrey and East Hampshire

General research into the archaeology of Surrey and East Hampshire

Personal research project -
Peter Laurie Roman campaigns and road systems of Dorset

Investigation of the Roman campaign and later road systems in Dorset. It is possible that coin find spots would help to identify routes.

I plan to plot the find spots on Google maps which will be private. The maps, with the finds, will only be published as small images to…

Personal research project -
Leslie Webster The distribution of decorated Anglo-Saxon metalwork of the eighth and ninth centuries

An attempt to update earlier work on the distribution of decorated Anglo-Saxon metalwork of the eighth and ninth centuries, and to test if my earlier (pre PAS) published conclusions are still valid

Personal research project -
Grahame Appleby Bronze Age weapons and metal object and their distribution, with contributions to grey literature and publications

I work for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit as a research officer and also conduct research into Bronze Age weapons and metal object and their distribution, with contributions to grey literature and publications. Currently, I am gathering data on the distribution and details on sickles a…

Personal research project -
David Petts Medieval settlement activity in the Northumbria

Essentially I am interested in early medieval settlement activity in the Northumbria – I am particularly interested in looking at the Roman-Saxon transition in County Durham (linked to our major excavation at Binchester and linked to Rob Collins interests) and around York. For the latte…

Personal research project -
Ellen Swift Reuse of late Roman bracelets

I am currently using evidence from the PAS database in a project on re-used late Roman bracelets (over the next year or so). Project based at University of Kent.

Personal research project -
Tim Vickers Gazetteer of settlement areas in Luton

Building a gazetteer looking at settlement areas in Luton. It would also be useful to have find location for treasure object recorded in our accession book so that future generation will be able to locate the objects.

Personal research project -
Professor Ian Simmons Medieval landscape development of part of East Lindsey

Research into the development of the Medieval Landscape of the district of East Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Personal research project -

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