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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Katherine Holman The Impact of the Viking Age on the Settlement and Society of East Yorkshire

Project examining the distribution and types of objects recorded in the Portable Antiquities Scheme in East Yorkshire, which – together with a range of other sources from the region – is helping to throw light on the scale and nature of Scandinavian settlement in this often overlooked…

Personal research project -
Scott Vanderbilt Roman Inscriptions in Britain

Sott Vanderbilt works on Roman Inscriptions Online at Oxford University

Personal research project -
Duncan Sayer Roman and Saxon Artifact Distributions

I wish to have access so I can investigate the distribution of enamelled objects from the Roman and early Medieval periods across the UK. This relates ot a wider piece of research I am doing on the continuity of discontinuity in enamel art styles and technology.

University of Cent…

Personal research project -
John Sadler The Ipswich Mint

To use PAS images in a forthcoming publication on the Ipswich Mint

Personal research project -
Peter Wain Bawdsey, Suffolk

Last year I had a paper published on the lost Medieval port of Goseford on the lower part of the River Deben in Suffolk (Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaelogy and History 43(4) 2016 p 582). My research is continuing but is now investigating the role of the village of B…

Personal research project -
Adrian Olivier Late Iron Age and Early Roman Brooches

This project extends the PhD work carried out by the researcher at the University of Nottingham

Personal research project -
Adrian Olivier Roman Production Site at Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire

No abstract given.

Personal research project -
Graham Jones The Deerhurst Project, Glos.

My purpose in applying is to assist in further research towards publication in amplified, annotated form of my Deerhurst Lecture, 2017: 'The Deer of Deerhurst: Landscape, lordship, custom and ritual'.

Referee: Prof Mark Horton (Bristol University)

Personal research project -
Rebecca Gregory Viking Nottinghamshire

I am writing a book entitled "Viking Nottinghamshire", which will be published by Five Leaves Press in November 2017. The book includes information on Viking and Anglo-Scandinavian finds within the county, and access to fuller information on some finds on the PAS database would be extreme…

Personal research project 2017
Dawn Hadley Viking Great Army in the late 9th Century

I am currently examining the evidence for the Viking Great Army in the late C9th. Project confirned by Julian Richards at York University.

Personal research project -
Nicholas Vincent Research of Seal Matrices

Nicholas Vincent, Professor at the University of East Anglia, has a particular research interest in seal matrices.

Personal research project -
James Gerrard Late Roman Brancaster Rings

Late Roman Brancaster Ring research by Dr. James Gerrard (University of Newcastle)

Personal research project -
Mark Tatam Anglo-Saxon Settlement on the upper River Eau (Lincolnshire)

I wish to research into identication of a possible spread of early Anglo-Saxon settlement along the sand and gravel alluvial terraces terraces of the upper River Eau (paishes of Harpswell, Hemswell and Corringham).

(Project monitored by Adam Daubney, FLO for Lincolnshire)

Personal research project -
Elaine Stokes Scandinavian Settlement in North-East England

I am one of the individual researchers who have passed through the Lancaster University History Department. For my MA dissertation (2011), I researched Scandinavian settlement in the north-west, looking at the very many field names in two 12th century cartularies. Now I am filling in the …

Personal research project -
Andrew Seaman Early Medieval South-East Wales

Ongoing research into early medieval South-East Wales (and western Britain more generally).

Dept of Archaeology, Canterbury Christ Church University

Personal research project -
Katharina Becker Later Prehistoric Metalwork

Dr Katharine Becker, University College Cork, is an expert on late prehistoric metalwork, especially pins.

Personal research project -
Matthew Ball Coin Finds in Lancashire

Consultation of the PAS Database to give potential context to two Roman coin hoards from Lancashire.

Personal research project -
Caroline Pudney The Horse in Late Iron Age Society

The first project I aim to complete is an expansion of my previous Iron Age coin research - investigating the role of horses in later Iron Age societies. I want to take a bit more of a theoretical approach which looks beyond the usual associations of power and warrior elite and seeks to e…

Personal research project -
Michael Brightman Data Visualisation and the Search for Further Stories

I would like access to the database in order to use cutting edge methods of data visualisation to search for further stories that may be within the data.

I am a lecturer in Economics and in my teaching and research at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) I use Tableau soft…

Personal research project -
Rainer Schreg Personal research including Medieval village formation

I am a German archaeologist working at the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz and teaching at universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg and Mainz.…

Personal research project -

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