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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Martin Bell Various Prehistoric Projects

I am Emeritus Professor of Archaeological Science at Reading University and am involved in a number of archaeological research projects and have written 11 books and monographs and over 100 papers on archaeological research. Those for which PAS academic access is most relevant…

Personal research project -
Tony Brookes Littleover, Derbyshire

I'm looking to write a landscape scale history of Littleover in Derby and then publish it as a book. I've chosen to centre my research on St Peter's Church in Littleover, and outwards in a 12 km radius, concentrating initially on the period from the earliest finds in this area until 1100 …

Personal research project -
Sandie Williams Bells from Roman Britain

To update my Masters dissertation from 2009 on the Roman bells from Britain, and increase our knowledge of their spatial and social distribution within the UK, comparing the range of sites to those from the greater Roman Empire and the Barbaricum that were previously looked at. Fu…

Personal research project -
Elaine Jamieson Colonisation and Community in the Vale of Pickering

Colonisation and Community in the Vale of Pickering: exploring medieval settlement and lordship in Brompton, North Yorkshire

Looking out across the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire, it is hard to imagine that it once comprised a diverse landscap…

Personal research project -
Andrew Fitzpatrick Roman lead slingshots

Checking location of finds of Roman lead slingshots

Referee: Sam Moorhead

Personal research project -
Oliver Davis Iron Age South-East Wales

I am a Lecturer in Archaoelogy at Cardiff University. I am currently undertaking research on the Iron Age of South-east Wales amongst other projects. I am specifically researching a article on the Silures and a broader landscape study of Iron Age activity and material around the hillfort …

Personal research project -
Philip Kiernan Roman cult offerings

I am a professor of archaeology and art history, specialising in Roman religion and small finds, especially bronzes.

My 2009 book was on miniature votive offerings, and my most recent book on Roman cult images.

I used to have full access to the database, but have not used …

Personal research project -
David Robinson Coinage of the Durotriges

I am a private researcher working on a die study of Durotriges quarter staters. I am requesting upgraded access in order to get access to more accurate find spots to improve my GIS distribution analysis.

Referee: Dr John Talbot

Personal research project -
WIll Thurbin Earthworks in Niton and Whitwell, IOW

I am a PhD student at the University of Birmingham researching Carceral Geography. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Over the past 20 years, in my spare time, I have been researching some interesting earthworks in the south of the Isle of Wight in the Parish of…

Personal research project -
Stephen Hartgroves History and Archaeology of the parish of Perranarworthal

I am Steve Hartgroves; I developed and managed the Cornwall and Scilly HER for Cornwall Archaeological Unit in Truro for 30 years until my retirement a few years ago. I am currently Chair of the Roman Cornwall Research Group, a sub-committe of the Cornwall Archaeological Socie…

Personal research project -
John Oswin Franciscas on the PAS Database

Following the discovery of a Francisca (throwing axe) near Frome, I need to access all features of the database to locate other franciscas on the PAS and add these to known museum provenances to produce a distribution map, and do further analysis on francisca fabrication and use. I expect…

Personal research project -
Stuart Laycock late Roman Buckles and Belt Fittings

Some time ago I did research on typology and the big picture of regionalised buckle and belt fitting distribution during the late Roman-controlled period, but now want to examine some distribution on a much more localised scale.

Referee: Dr Sam Moorhead (B…

Personal research project -
Leif Isaksen Alexandrian coin finds in Britain

I am currently research distribution of Alexandrian coins in the UK. This is an ongoing research project that commenced in December 2019 and may continue throughout 2020.

Referee: Barbara Borg (Exeter University)

Personal research project -
Richard Mackinder Batlle of Bosworth


I have been researching the Battle of Bosworth, 1485 for the last 25 years and I was the main site coordinator when the search for the true site of the battle was being funded by the HLF and the work was being managed by Glenn Foard with the Battlefields Trust and Leices…

Personal research project 2021
Jody Joy Iron Age Artefact Distribution

Jody Joy at the Museum of Archaeology and Antropology, Cambridge, is using PAS data to plot distribution of Iron Age finds in Britain.

Referee: Dr Sam Moorhead (PA&T, British Museum)

Personal research project -
Hana Lewis Anglo-Saxon Artefacts

I am interested in using the PAS data for the Anglo-Saxon/Early Medieval period across England to compare with my PhD findings. I would like to compare the types, quantities and chronologies of the settlement assemblages within my work to the corresponding PAS assemblages.


Personal research project -
Nathan Elkins Roman Coin Finds

Nathan Elkins is an Associate Professor at Baylor University (Texas) who works on ancient coins found across the Mediterranean world.

Referee: Sam Moorhead (British Museum)

Personal research project -
Gary Oddie Boy Bishop Tokens

I have been collecting and studying what are commonly called Boy Bishop tokens for over twenty years. Along the way I have reviewed the published literature and given the odd short talk on the subject to Numismatic Societies and metal detecting clubs. This includes a reasonably confident …

Personal research project -
Jeremy Taylor Anglo-Saxon Ritual Landscapes

My paper titled A Ritual Landscape Considered : Cosmography and Anglo Saxon ship burials is about to be published shortly following nearly 10 years of research into the Anglo Saqxon landscape of the Suffolk Sandlings. Ostensibly there is evidence of a solstitial landscape…

Personal research project -
Robert Kenyon Claudian Coins in Britain

This research is intended to identify the various sources of the Claudian coins on the PAS Database, in line with work at the Bloomberg site in London and Continental work.

Referee: Sam Moorhead (British Museum)

Personal research project -

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