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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Roger Tomlin Inscriptions in Roman Britain

Roger Tomlin publishes the annual round-up of Romano-British inscriptions in the journal Britannia

Referee: Sam Moorhead

Major publication -
Susan Pearce Macmillan Becoming Christian in the British Midlands

I am running a research programme investigating the creation of Christian sites in the Midlands entitled Becoming Christian in the British Midlands. This involves creating a series of county databases and searchable Access files for a broad range of parish-by-parish information, which wil…

Major publication -
Matthew Knight Deliberate Destruction and Deposition of Bronze Age Metalwork in South West England

I am continuing my research on Bronze Age metalwork in Britain in preparation for several articles, as well as the publication of my PhD thesis as a monograph on the Deliberate Destruction and Deposition of Bronze Age Metalwork in South West England (completed at Exeter 2018, due …

Major publication -
Emma Wager Bronze Age Mining on the Great Orme

I completed my PhD thesis in 2003 at the University of Sheffield on 'The Character and Context of Bronze Age Mining on the Great Orme, North Wales, UK'. I am currently preparing an updated version of this study for publication by the end of this year (2020). This includes a se…

Major publication 2020
Chris Lloyd Archeological Spatial Analysis

I am a quantitative geographer with a background in archaeology (BA and MSc from Southampton). I am writing a chapter for the book 'Archaeological Spatial Analysis' (edited by Mark Gillings, Gary Lock and Piraye Hacıgüzeller). I would like to add a couple of case studies which illustrat…

Major publication -
Eric Hall Providing context for excavations at Southborough. Kent

I am an experienced, qualified archaeologist who is currently directing excavations in the Southborough valley in Kent.

The excavations are part of a long term, community, research project exploring archaeological features and creating a new time frame for the Tunbridge Wells area…

Major publication -
Philip Knibb Romano-British Somerset

Research interest: Romano-British Somerset, particularly in connection with the Winscombe and Sandford Project, which will be published within the next five years.

Major publication -
Andrew Powell Report on 2010 excavation by Wessex Archaeology at Abbotts Barton, Winchester

I would like to request research level status. I am currently writing a report for Hampshire Studies on a 2010 excavation by Wessex Archaeology at Abbotts Barton, Winchester, which revealed a section of the Winchester-Silchester Roman Road, and an immediately adjacent early Saxon settleme…

Major publication -
Gilbert Burleigh Ashwell hoard publication

I am a professional freelance archaeologist and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Currently, one of my projects is the publication of my excavations 2003-2006 on the findspot of a Roman temple treasure hoard at Ashwell, Herts, in co-authorship with Dr Ralph Jackson of the…

Major publication -
Oliver Creighton Research project on anarchy in the 12th Century

Account upgrade requested in connection with academic research project into the 12th-century 'Anarchy'.

Major publication -
Jeremy Haslam Development of landscapes and territories of the middle and late Anglo-Saxon periods

Research on the development of landscapes and territories of the middle and late Anglo-Saxon periods in the upper Thames area in particular, and in other areas such as Wiltshire, London area, Sussex, Essex. Length of time - ongoing, though should see some publications in the next 1…

Major publication -
Richard Jones Long-term exploration of the minster town of Southwell (Notts) and its hinterland

I am co-ordinating a long-term exploration of the minster town of Southwell (Notts) and its hinterland, seeking in particular to define more closely the relationship between Roman Southwell and its early medieval successor. The project takes in the whole of what becomes the archiepiscopa…

Major publication -
Martin Bell The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary

I am preparing a monograph on The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary (including Somerset Levels) for publication as a Council for British Archaeology Research Report. The bulk of this monograph comprises reports on my Severn Estuary wetland excavations at Redwick, Peterstone, Brean Down and…

Major publication -
Chris Howgego The monetization of Temperate Europe

Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Access requested to support university teaching within the University of Oxford and for research, specifically for a current project on 'The monetization of Temperate Europe'.

Major publication -
Steve Clark Berkshire archaeological investigations

Request for research-level user status: I am working on two research projects, elements of which involve analysing the distributions of archaeological sites and findspots. These are: 1) A parish level archaeological/historical study of Peasemore in West Berkshire, which also…

Major publication -
James Gerrard Book research

Supporting research for a book on late Roman Britain. This may involve searches relating to late Roman and early Anglo-Saxon metalwork and Late Roman coin finds.

Major publication -
Ulf Näsman Between Svear and Danes

Recently retired (August 1st, 2010) professor of archaeology at the Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden. At present I am writing a book about a project funded by the Swedish research council in which I together with the archaeologist Charlotte Fabech, studied societies "between Svear and …

Major publication -
Alan Tyler Archaeological gazetteer for Romney Marsh and the Western River Valleys

An increasing number of excavations and historical surveys have been undertaken over the past six/seven years and there is a need to reconcile the information received from these with that reported to the PAS mainly by metal detector users. A detailed study of this latter information reco…

Major publication -
Rory Naismith The Coinage of Southern England 796-865

I am a Junior Research Fellow (postdoctoral researcher) at Clare College in the University of Cambridge, working on Anglo-Saxon and related coinages. In summer 2009 I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge on 'Coinage and History in Southern England c. 750-865', and am currently …

Major publication -
Arent Pol A study into production and circulation of early medieval gold coins in Western Europe, 6th-7th centuries

A study into production and circulation of early medieval gold coins in Western Europe, 6th-7th centuries; a specialized database (under construction) with all known specimens in public and private collections - whether with or without find pedigree - that contains images, numismatic data…

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