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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Helen Chittock Pattern and Purpose in Iron Age East Yorshire

I'm currently the holder of a Collaborative Doctoral Award with the University of Southampton and The British Museum. My research is entitled Pattern and Purpose in Iron Age East Yorkshire and looks at a wide variety of different plain and patterned objects from the region dating to 400BC…

PhD level research -
Adam McBride 'Power-scapes' and the emergence of great hall complexes in England'

There will be a need to plot PAS data for the early Anglo-Saxon period in the Upper Thames Valley as part of this project.

Medieval Archaeology, University of Oxford

PhD level research -
Michael Shaw Medieval Towns of Cheshire

I am undertaking a PhD on the medieval towns of Cheshire at the University of Birmingham and would like to check for finds within the towns I am studying, rather than just the general area.

PhD level research -
Robert Briggs Anglo-Saxon placenames, ending in -ingas

My PhD project (at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London) is an investigation of the Old English proper noun ending -ingas, found most frequently in place-names where in most cases it is most credibly interpreted as denoting a group of people who existed in the Anglo-Sax…

PhD level research -
Rachael Sycamore Roman Metalwork Hoards from Britain

I am a current PhD student at the University of Leicester investigating metalwork hoards in Britain from the Roman period. The project will use GIS analysis of all the known hoards to investigate any spatial patterning in the data and the landscape context of the deposits. The aims of thi…

PhD level research -
Benjamin Bishop TBC

Reading University

PhD level research -
Zechariah Jinks-Frederick Ferrous Rituals in Iron Age Britain: A Study in Depositional Praxis

University of Hull

Title and Abstract: Ferrous Rituals in Iron Age Britain: A Study in Depositional Praxis. This research goes beyond Richard Hingley's study of structured depositions in Iron Age Britain by exploring practices surrounding the disposal, death, and superstition of i…

PhD level research -
Ethan Doyle Ritual Deposits in Anglo-Saxon England

"How can non-funerary deposits inform our understanding of political, social, and ideological change in Southern Britain during the Early Middle Ages, 5th to 11th centuries ?". This is the question that I wish to answer in an MPhil/PhD project that I have recently embarked upon at the UCL…

PhD level research -
Matthew Knight Deposition of Bronze Age Hoards

Department of Archaeology, Exeter University

PhD level research -
Alan Williams Great Orme Bronze Age mine, North Wales

This project is looking at the composition of the metal produced by the Great Orme Bronze Age mines. It also involves looking at the metalwork which is consistent with a Great Orme source and can therefore consider typologies and distribution of objects.

Department of Archaeology,…

PhD level research -
Alexander Thomas The Danelaw Boundary

My doctoral research with the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol, concerns ephemeral (fuzzy) boundaries, in particular the Danelaw boundary. This political boundary was agreed between King Alfred of Wessex and King Guthrum of the Danes in the late-9th centur…

PhD level research 2018
Ethan Aines Depositional Practices in Iron Age East Anglia

University of Cambridge

PhD level research -
Irene Bavuso Trade network and coastal settlement

I am a second year PhD student in Medieval History, University of Oxford. I am supervised by Prof. C. Wickham and Prof. H. Hamerow. I am investigating the trade network and coastal settlement of 6th-early 7th cs. southern Britain and Francia (provisional thesis title: 'The Sixth and Early…

PhD level research 2017
Rob Webley Conquest and continuity: characterising portable metalwork in Late Saxon and Anglo-Norman England, AD 900-1200

A characterisation of metalwork in the period of the 10th to 12th centuries AD to assess the reasons for changes in metalworking practices, including the Norman Conquest.

PhD level research 2018
Matt Austin The Geopolitical Landscape of Pre-Viking England: Central-Place Systems, Settlement Hierarchies, Power and Governance in the 5th to 8th Centuries AD

I am undertaking a doctorate in Archaeology at the University of Reading. My thesis is looking at the development of 'central places' during fifth- to eighth-century England. It effectively consists of a series of regional case studies where all forms of evidence are considered, particula…

PhD level research -
Adam Goodfellow The impact of Roman remains in the landscape on the social changes taking place in early medieval England

I would like to become a research level user in order to access a greater degree of information on find spots. I am in the first year of a PhD study (estimated 2014-18) into the impact of Roman remains in the landscape on the social changes taking place in early medieval England. Th…

PhD level research -
Robert Kaleta Large scale analysis of Bronze Age palstaves

Metal artefacts are crucial to our understanding of the Bronze Age, and the 'palstave' is one of the period's most well-known and widely-distributed forms. Analysis of prehistoric metal finds reveals not only technological aspects of production but also wider relationship between metal, m…

PhD level research 2017
Lawrence Billington Late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic lithic scatters in Eastern England

I am hoping to get research level access to the PAS database to obtain data for my PhD research which is looking at Late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic lithic scatters in Eastern England. This PhD is a collaborative doctoral award set up by English Heritage and Manchester University an…

PhD level research -
Anja Rohde Regional variation in the coins of the Norman Conquest

I intend to look for patterns of regional variation in the English coin issues of William I and II, in order to compare them to the established patterns in the issues of the last Saxon kings and investigate whether the coins can shed light on the administrative systems of the conquest, at…

PhD level research 2017
Gary Duckers Patterns of Power, Power of Patterns: Change and Transition in the Border Landscape of the Northern and Central Marches, 300-1100AD

The project will examine the borderland landscape of the North and Central Marches using traditional geographical and archaeological techniques, combined with remote sensed methodologies such as LiDAR to offer new insight into processes of power and how that is reflected in landscape thro…

PhD level research -

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