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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Pauline Clark The Welsh Marches in the Early Medieval Period

The Welsh Marches are a liminal area even today, comprised of shifting and mobile people and cultures spanning the long-established national border. In the early medieval period this was even more apparent, with the changing dominance of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the Vik…

PhD level research -
Adam Dawson Piratical Maritime Networks

As part of my D.Phil project at the University of Oxford, I aim to use finds from the Portable Antiquites Scheme. The purpose of this is to recreate the maritime networks used by individuals labelled as pirates in the British Isles. For this I need to be able to map specific Post-Medieval…

PhD level research -
Johan du Preez The Anglo-Saxon transition

I am doing a PhD at UCL with the title of my thesis: 'The Anglo-Saxon transition: An inter-disciplinary and regional
approach'. My joint Supervisors are Profs. Andrew Reynolds (Medieval Archaeology) and Mark Thomas (Evolutionary Genetics). The research method I am using is to form h…

PhD level research -
Eniko Hudak Economy of Roman Britain

I am a first year Archaeology PhD student at Newcastle University, my supervisors are Dr James Gerrard from Newcastle and Dr Rob Witcher from Durham. My PhD is due to be submitted in 2025.

My research topic proposes a new understanding of the economy of Roman Britain in view of th…

PhD level research -
John Margham 'The Isle of Wight c. 650 to c. 1150- the localisation of a landscape?'

I am a part-time PhD student at the Centre for Medieval Studies at York University. My provisional thesis title is 'The Isle of Wight c. 650 to c. 1150- the localisation of a landscape?' I have used the PAS for higher level searches on numerous occasions for my doctoral research in the pa…

PhD level research -
Naomi Allen Cluniac congregation in late medieval England

I am doing a PhD in medieval studies within the history department at the University of Exeter, researching the Cluniac congregation in late medieval England. My project is focusing on the identity of the congregation, with particular attention to their patronage links and intellectual an…

PhD level research 2024
Stephen Clifton Late Iron Age and Roman Sanctuary SItes in Southern Britain

I am currently studying for a PhD at the University of Kent. My area of research is the Late Iron Age and Roman rural religious sanctuary sites in the south of Britain, with particular reference to Kent. This involves identifying possible new sites and re-attributing known sites. A key in…

PhD level research -
Peter Knowles Palaeolithic in the Stour Valley (Kent)

I'm a doctoral research student at Durham University. My doctoral research project is trying to establish if there is evidence for cultural patterning in early and middle Palaeolithic handaxes, for this study I am focusing on the very narrow spatial region and broad temporal p…

PhD level research -
Paul Kitching Roman Frontiers in Britain

A three-year PhD project examining multiple theories for the development and function of early Roman frontiers in Britain. Spatial and typological analysis of PAS data can contribute to a broader body of evidence in exploring the impact of frontiers on mobility, the geographic extent and …

PhD level research -
John Dinges Moulding Dissent: late medieval pilgrim signs and their political role in Britain

This study will seek to evaluate the social, religious, and political status of late medieval pilgrim signs within the context of Britain c.AD 1300-1600. Analysis of the use and distribution of pilgrim badge and ampulla finds has the potential to produce significant interpretations relati…

PhD level research -
Caroline Croasdaile Interior Lives: Reliquary Pendants in Late Medieval England

In my research I am investigating the apotropaic, material, and social roles of 'reliquary pendants' in the lives of English medieval people (c. 1400-1500). Within this period of heightened emphasis on affective and personal piety, I plan to explore the processes through which individuals…

PhD level research -
Iain Macdonald Archaeological wetland landscapes of Northwest Europe from the Roman through Medieval periods: A comparative spatial analysis.

I am a first year PhD student studying Archaeology at UCL. My project title is: "Archaeological wetland landscapes of Northwest Europe from the Roman through Medieval periods: A comparative spatial analysis."

A large part of this project will involve GIS analyses of archaeological…

PhD level research -
Jemma Underdown Roman to Mediaeval Transition in Eastern Britain

I am a PhD student at the University of Reading working on the Roman to Early Mediaeval transition in regions of eastern Britain. I would like researcher level access in order to have more accurate data on find spots in relationship to other archaeological evidence. I would need this unti…

PhD level research 2022
Chris Griffiths Late Bronze Age hoards in South Wales

I am a PhD student working on a project titled: 'Later Bronze Age hoards, hoarding practices and depositional contexts in south-east and south-west Wales'. This is a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) studentship between the University of Reading and Amgueddfa Cymru. This pr…

PhD level research 2024
Camille Vo Van Qui Medieval horse training (11th to 15th century)

I am a student at the University of Exeter, doing a PhD on the subject of medieval horse training (11th to 15th century). I expect to complete my theses in 2023.

I am mostly studying manuscripts, such as the De Medicina Equorum writt…

PhD level research 2023
Chris Edley Nucleated settlements in Roman Britain

I am A PGR student at the University of Leicester. I am researching nucleated settlements in Roma era Britain, comparing finds assemblages from sites within the east midlands civilian zone with those at sites in the northeastern military zone.

Referee: P…

PhD level research -
Andrew Reynolds Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards in Wales and Marches: An investigation into patterns of selective and reflective deposition

A four-year doctoral project investigating patterns of selective and reflective deposition in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards of Wales and the Marches. The research aims to contribute to the recent shift in the approaches to analysis and understanding of the Western European Late …

PhD level research 2024
Stephen Wass Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science

I am undertaking a programme of doctoral research at the University of Oxford under the title of 'Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science'. This involves excavations in the seventeenth-century gardens at Hanwell Castle, Oxfordshire an…

PhD level research 2022
Anthony Del Rio Scandinavian settlement in England

I am a research student at the University of Oxford and I am writing to request elevated status to become a research level user. My research project is based upon the material record of the Scandinavian settlement in England, and I will require access for approximately three years.

PhD level research 2023
Lucy Moore Stycas, kings and Vikings: the copper-alloy revolution in 9th-century

This PhD project explores the manufacture, use and distribution of 9th-century copper-alloy
coins called stycas, minted in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Recent research has the need for a
reappraisal of this coinage, which has much to reveal about the impact of the V…

PhD level research 2022

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