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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Camille Vo Van Qui Medieval horse training (11th to 15th century)

I am a student at the University of Exeter, doing a PhD on the subject of medieval horse training (11th to 15th century). I expect to complete my theses in 2023.

I am mostly studying manuscripts, such as the De Medicina Equorum writt…

PhD level research 2023
Chris Edley Nucleated settlements in Roman Britain

I am A PGR student at the University of Leicester. I am researching nucleated settlements in Roma era Britain, comparing finds assemblages from sites within the east midlands civilian zone with those at sites in the northeastern military zone.

Referee: P…

PhD level research -
Andrew Reynolds Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards in Wales and Marches: An investigation into patterns of selective and reflective deposition

A four-year doctoral project investigating patterns of selective and reflective deposition in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards of Wales and the Marches. The research aims to contribute to the recent shift in the approaches to analysis and understanding of the Western European Late …

PhD level research 2024
Stephen Wass Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science

I am undertaking a programme of doctoral research at the University of Oxford under the title of 'Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science'. This involves excavations in the seventeenth-century gardens at Hanwell Castle, Oxfordshire an…

PhD level research 2022
Anthony Del Rio Scandinavian settlement in England

I am a research student at the University of Oxford and I am writing to request elevated status to become a research level user. My research project is based upon the material record of the Scandinavian settlement in England, and I will require access for approximately three years.

PhD level research 2023
Lucy Moore Stycas, kings and Vikings: the copper-alloy revolution in 9th-century

This PhD project explores the manufacture, use and distribution of 9th-century copper-alloy
coins called stycas, minted in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Recent research has the need for a
reappraisal of this coinage, which has much to reveal about the impact of the V…

PhD level research 2022
Catherine Jones The Sword in Iron Age Britain

I am currently a Combined Doctoral Award student working on my PhD thesis which is entitled 'The Sword in Iron Age Britain'. My AHRC award is held jointly by the University of Manchester and The British Museum. My research project aims to discern the social importance of the s…

PhD level research 2021
Rebecca Ellis figurative animal and human forms within La Tène art

My PhD reseach is looking into the use of genuinely figurative animal and human forms within La Tène art in England and Wales. I am half way through a three year PhD and already provided assistance with ID's and information to several FLO's. I am based at the University of Hull a…

PhD level research -
Eleanor March Tewkesbury Abbey

I am a PhD student based at the University of Exeter carrying out interdisciplinary research on Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, aiming to elucidate the development of the church and the monastic precinct from its early medieval origins until the Dissolution.

PhD level research -
Nicola Hurt Roman folding knives in the north-west provinces

My PhD project investigates Roman folding knife handles in the north west provinces. These objects are known in bone/ivory and copper alloy across Britain, France and Germany, but there has been little synthetic study since Eugen von Merklin (1940). I aim to create a database of known exa…

PhD level research -
Beverley Still Human Remains in Britain and Ireland, 1200-400 BC

Human Remains in Britain and Ireland, 1200-400BC

Referee: Ben Roberts (Durham University)

PhD level research -
John Margham Landscape History of the Isle of Wight

I have just commenced my PhD at the Centre for Medieval studies at York University. I am researching the early medieval landscape history of the Isle of Wight. My provisional title for my thesis is 'The Isle of Wight c. 650 to c. 1150: a study of localisation in a landscape'. Afte…

PhD level research -
Tristan Alphey Irish metalwork in the Danelaw

My research intends to explore Irish metalwork incorporated in a Danelaw context, especially lead weights, and the possible reasons for their presence Research level access will provide me with the extra information required to identify this metalwork, along with the spatial data …

PhD level research -
Heather Holt Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage: Funerary Commemoration and Cultural Change in Early Mediaeval Southern Britain, c. AD 430-600
(Full-time doctoral research at University of Cardiff, starting Oct 2019 and completing by mid-2022, with option of a further year to write up findings)

PhD level research -
Craig Campbell LIA settlements and harbours on the west Thames Tideway

My research will explore the development of LIA settlements and harbours along the west Thames Tideway, examining their importance in trade, transport and defence, and their relationship with the Roman world at this time. It will be the first to study LIA settlement and society comprehens…

PhD level research -
Idit Ben Or 17th and I18th Century Tokens in England

My Phd dissertation focuses on non-governmental low denominational coinage (tokens) in England, from the 17th century to the early 19th century. The dissertation focuses on two main waves of private minting, mid 17th century trade tokens and late 18th century provincial coinage. It is bot…

PhD level research -
Allison Casaly Personal ornamentation in the Middle and Late Bronze Age

This research concerns objects of personal ornamentation dating to the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. It seeks to catalogue extensive data on known personal ornaments of all raw materials and find contexts. Data recorded will include object form, material, spatial location, and form-specifi…

PhD level research -
Stuart Falconer The Dumnonii

I would like to become a researcher level user in order to access the relevant information needed to complete my PhD thesis. I am a postgraduate research student with the OU and have until October 2022 to complete my project. The purpose of the project is to write a comprehensive economic…

PhD level research 2022
Keith Bradbury Mesolithic Lithics in Southern England

Part of this involves researching findspots of Mesolithic axes and other worked flint in southern England using information from Historic Environment Records and the Portable Antiquities Scheme in order to examine distribution and relationship to topography and underlying geology.

PhD level research 2020
Daniele Sylvester The Sky Deity in Britain

I'm a part time Phd student at University of Winchester researching the cult of the sky deity in Roman Britain. The main datasets for this project will come from material culture, including metal figurines and associated cult symbols found in stone, metalwork and other materials s…

PhD level research -

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