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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Jack Saxton The harrying of the North

Research outline: The harrying of the north. This notes accompanies the application for PhD studies to the Department of archaeology, University of York. Historians generally agree that the harrying of the north did take place. Palliser cites Freeman claiming 'William made it [The North]…

PhD level research -
Zena Zein Elabdin The Landscape Archaeology of Bog Bodies

PhD research at the University of Birmingham.

For the past two years, we have been researching the landscape context of bog bodies to understanding the positioning of bodies within the contemporaneous bog. Factors such as distance from the edge of the bog, as well as surface wetne…

PhD level research 2019
David Osborne Diet and mobility of people and animals in prehistoric Lincolnshire

University of Nottingham

Referee: Dr Peter Chowne

PhD level research -
Martin Baer Coins finds of Marcus Aurelius to Commodus

In my phd thesis I am researching the coin finds of the Roman emperors Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus and Commodus. One of my research focus deals with the representation of these emperors. Therefore I quantify the coin types from the finds. The find spots within the database of PAS brings…

PhD level research -
Dragan Milutinovic Roman Provincial Coins in Northern Europe

I am writing a PhD thesis (Wrocław University, Poland) on Finds of Roman provincial coins of the eastern part of the Roman Empire in Central Europe minted 44 BC- 296 AD. As I was collecting an as wide finds database as possible, which is important because of the rarity of these finds, I …

PhD level research -
Victoria Le Quelenec Identity in Roman Lancashire

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Central Lancashire. My research aims to explore identity construction in Roman Lancashire, using coin evidence and artefacts associated with personal adornment.
In order to carry out this research, and obtain the best possible data…

PhD level research -
Kelly Clarke Links between the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and Gaul in the 7th century AD

Project Title: The (re-)making of the North Sea world: politics, trade and long-distance interactions between Anglo-Saxon England and Merovingian Gaul in the 'long' seventh century

My project investigates interactions between Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and Gaul in the seventh century th…

PhD level research -
Justine Biddle Society in Eastern England, 5th-9th Centuries AD

I previously worked for the scheme as an intern in both Suffolk and Lancashire/Cumbria and am currently working on my PhD, looking at small metal artefacts from the early Medieval period in Suffolk. I am looking at whether changes in the material expression of identity can tell us about t…

PhD level research -
Kathryn Libby The Viking impact on Anglo-Saxon England

The proposed research will examine metalwork, principally brooches, from Viking-Age England to provide new insights into the impact of Scandinavian settlers on Anglo-Saxon society and economy. Over the last 20 years, metal-detected finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme have tr…

PhD level research -
Thomas Matthews Boehmer Around the North Sea in the Late Iron Age and Roman Periods

I am about to begin my PhD at the University of Cambridge. My research focuses on comparable societal developments in the LIA and early Roman periods in East England and areas across the North Sea (the Netherlands, Belgium, and Northern France).

Higher level access to the PAS data…

PhD level research -
Dave Garner Variance and Hybridity in the Roman Empire

I am currently undertaking PhD research at University of Chester under the supervision of Dr Caroline Pudney. My research focuses upon localised variance and hybridity within the Roman Empire in Britain, the Rhine/Danube and Syria. Acccess to components of your database at 'research level…

PhD level research -
Agnes Tregaskis Bronze Age Metal in North Wales

My working title is Bronze Age Metal in North Wales.

My ‘database’ is being built at

To-date I have recorded metal finds reported by antiquarians as well as those recorded in archaeological journals and…

PhD level research 2020
Alister Sutherland Peasant Seals and Sealing Practices, c.1200-c.1500

I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Leicester working on medieval peasant seals with the working title of 'Peasant Seals and Sealing Practices, c.1200-c.1500'. The overarching aim of my thesis is to socially and culturally e…

PhD level research 2020
Sally Taylor The movement and distribution of polished Neolithic stone axes originating from sources in Cumbria and North Wales

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford researching the movement and distribution of polished Neolithic stone axes originating from sources in Cumbria and North Wales. Langdale (Group VI) and Graiglwyd (Group VII) are the most numerous and widely-distributed Neolithic ston…

PhD level research 2022
Nick Hannon Hidden Landscape of a Roman Frontier Project

Canterbury Christ Church University research in the area around Wroxeter, Shropshire which involves digitising a number of landscape features identified through the use of colour infra-red aerial imagery, to help associate a possible date and function for these features, investigati…

PhD level research -
Rachel Wilkinson Iron Age Hoarding

Rachel Wilkinson is carrying out a PhD at Leicester looking at non-coin Iron Age Hoards in Britain.

PhD level research -
Graham Aldred Worth their place? A multidisciplinary study of the social and political significance of particular places in Anglo-Saxon Mercia

I am researching Anglo-Saxon settlements incorporating the name-element worth primarily in Mercia. These places seem to survive at proportionally higher level than other settlement names.

They cluster near the junctions of major historic and prehistoric boundaries or on strategic …

PhD level research -
Stephanie Smith ‘Settlement and Connectivity in the English Channel: the Isle of Wight and its setting in the Iron Age and Roman periods’

Stephanie Smith (former Sussex FLO) will be exploring the connection between ancient coastal and island communities and the English Channel with a PhD project titled, ‘Settlement and Connectivity in the English Channel: the Isle of Wight and its setting in the Iron Age and Roman period…

PhD level research 2019
Nathan Murphy Roman Coins

Warwick University

PhD level research -
Sam Rowe The condition of metal artefacts in the ploughsoil

Samantha Rowe is currently researching the condition of metal artefacts in ploughsoils across England and Scotland. Her PhD is based at the University of Huddersfield, funded by AHRC and sponsored by Historic England.

Many archaeological sites consist of material residing in ploug…

PhD level research -

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