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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
James Tufnell The Cirencester Region; Viking disruption in North Yorkshire

Using PAS I hope to able to augment my study of the social organisation and development of Cirencester and its hinterland as part of my MPhil dissertation at Cambridge University. I also hope to encorperate my finds to study metal detector finds as evidence of Viking disruption in North Y…

Masters degree -
Paula Allen Exploring the evidence for links between Britain, Ireland and Frankia during the period that the Great Viking Army was raiding in England (865-880)

My masters dissertation topic aims to explore the evidence for links between Britain, Ireland and Frankia during the period that the Great Viking Army was raiding in England (865-880).

I am investigating the nature and impact of these links, such as:


Masters degree 2018
Brandon Fathy Putting the Dead in their Place: the social landscape of cemeteries and settlement in early medieval Oxfordshire

The aim of my project is to map the changing spatial relationships between settlements and cemeteries in Oxfordshire from AD 300 to 1000. Vast social change has occurred within this time span beginning with the imposition Roman Empire, its subsequent withdrawal and collapse, and the devel…

Masters degree 2018
Brandon Fathy What can brooches tell us about ethnicity in the Danelaw

I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge and I am trying to map the distribution of Jelling Style brooches in England. This is part of a study on Danish ethnicity in the Danelaw. I want this dataset so I can use it in ArcGIS and manipulate it spatially. Th…

Masters degree 2017
Melanie Legatt Landscape study of Offa's Dyke

I'm conducting a landscape study of Offa's Dyke as part of my MRes at the University of Birmingham. My MRes is due to finish in September this year but I am applying to upgrade to my PhD starting next year at which point the study will extend beyond the monument in the Shropshire up…

Masters degree 2017
David Marshall Investigation of the development of boundaries on the Isle of Wight

Post graduate research at Exeter University. My research project investigates the development of boundaries on the Isle of Wight with the eventual aim moving some way towards identifying pre-Norman estate structures on the island. To achieve this, access to location of find spots will hel…

Masters degree -
Mary Lenon Testing Analytical Skills on PAS Data

I am an archaeologist studying for my graduate degree, in Geographic Data Science, at the University of Liverpool. I am hoping to apply my new found analytical skills to a variety of archaeologically based research projects. I would like to do exploratory analysis, strictly for academic r…

Masters degree -
Elliot Chaplin Elite spaces in the transition from Roman to Early Medieval Britain

I am an MLitt student at Newcastle University, currently studying the end of Roman Britain, its transition into Early Medieval Britain and specifically examining elite spaces. The study of small finds is of particular interest to me, especially small finds that have a continued use from t…

Masters degree -
Jamie Chandler Coinage in Post-Roman Britain

I am a second year student, reading for an MPhil in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at University College, Oxford. My research is focused on coin use in post-Roman Britain and in particular, on the phenomenon of wide-scale siliqua-clipping and the local striking of imitations. For the …

Masters degree 2017
Amy Wood Crossbow Brooches in Britain

I am writing an MA dissertation on crossbow brooches in Britain and am looking into their distribution around the country. I have already catalogued brooches from MOLA and LAARC and would like to add the information from the PAS to my study in order to create a more complete catalogue for…

Masters degree -
Michael Maddison The Distribution of Iron Age Hillforts in Britain

I am a Master's student at University College London's Institute of Archaeology.
I am taking the course in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology. My dissertation is on the distribution of Iron Age Hillforts in the British Isles. I am working with the Atlas of Iron Age Hillforts pr…

Masters degree -
Graham Barker The Saeculum in the Third Century AD

A study of the Roman concept of the 'Saeculum' in the third century AD, with an emphasis on the numismatic evidence. The PAS coin records will help determine the frequency of some relevant reverse types.

University of Warwick

Masters degree 2016
Samantha Rogerson Bronze Age Hoards in East Anglia

Reading University.

Carrying out research on the Bronze Age metalwork hoards found in East Anglia

Masters degree -
Richard Gilbert The Icknield Way and Peddars Way

I have been researching the history and effect on the settlement and landscape of two parallel routes, the Icknield Way and Peddars Way in West Norfolk, to complete my MA at the Centre for English Local History at Leicester University. I have already written much of the dissertation, maki…

Masters degree -
Susan Walker Roman Material in Anglo-Saxon Burials

To assess the use of Roman material in Anglo-Saxon burial contexts. In particular whether the Roman Coins that appear in such contexts are of particular reverse types; and thus whether this pattern follows the regional distribution of such reverse types. I also intend to suggest possible …

Masters degree -
Barbara Graham Roman Religion at the Saxon Shore Forts

To consult the PAS Database to assist in a study of religion within the Roman army at the Saxon Shore Forts.

University of Kent

Masters degree -
Peter Brown Medieval Responses to Natural Disaster

I am an AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership funded student at Durham University. My research is on medieval reponses to natural disaster, specifically meteorological hazards in northern Europe. I would like to research the PAS Database so that I can analyze distribution pat…

Masters degree -
Christopher Pyrah Movement of the Viking Great Army

How can the numismatic evidence from the kingdom of Wessex contribute to our understanding of the movements of the Viking Great army, and how useful is such an approach for archaeology as a whole?

The aim of the project (at the University of York) would be to try and track the mov…

Masters degree -
Keighley Wasenczuk How has our understanding of the Roman occupation of Somerset changed with the introduction of the Portable Antiquities Scheme?

I am a MA Archaeology student at the University of Exeter and i am hoping to use the PAS database for my dissertation. The following is my outline.

Research Question: How has our understanding of the Roman occupation of Somerset changed with the introduction of the Portable Antiqu…

Masters degree 2015
Joseph Ryder Landscape contexts of Iron Age coins in Gloucester, UK

I am a current MA in archaeology student at the University of Durham. My dissertation is examining the landscape contexts of Iron Age coins in Gloucester, UK, and I am currently using the PAS database to do so. Therefore, it is important that I have access to the protected findspots…

Masters degree -

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