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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Mark Slessarev Early Mediaeval use of Roman sites on the Saxon Shore

I intend to use the database for my MA dissertation at Durham University. The subject of research is Early Mediaeval use of Roman sites on the Saxon Shore. The Portable Antiquities Scheme would be used to collect data relating to finds in the vicinity of selected sites which will be used …

Masters degree -
Isobel Gomer Medieval Seal Matrices

This thesis will examine medieval seal matrices, particularly personal non-heraldic ones, and will consider what these objects communicate about the identity of the user. The imagery and mottos will be examined to see if there is any link between the subject and the owner, the significanc…

Masters degree 2020
Cameron Wildridge The impact of Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries on material culture in the landscape

I am a Computational Archaeology masters student at UCL, and am writing dissertation on how the presence of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery impacts the contemporary material culture that is found in a landscape (presence/absence, types of material culture present, etc), including looking …

Masters degree 2020
Helen Thomas Medieval copper-alloy dress accessories from York and Yorkshire

I am applying for an upgrade in status to research level so as to better conduct my research for my Masters dissertation-I am studying for a MA in Medieval Archaeology from the University of York. My research is on later medieval copper-alloy dress accessories from York and Yo…

Masters degree 2020
Ulrike Sommer MA Artefacts Course at UCL

I coordinate the MA in Artefact studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. The students have a lecture on PAS and do assessed work on interpreting the finds distributions We also had several MA-dissertations based on PAS data.

In ord…

Masters degree -
Brian Roper Landscape Archaeology - Medieval Wales

I wish to become a research level user to assist in the writing of my Dissertation on the MS.c. in Applied Landscape Archaeology at the University of Oxford which is a 1 year project.

David Griffiths, Cont. Educ, Oxford University

Masters degree -
Peta Fray Rural Settlement in the Roman Cotswolds

I am an MA by research student at the University of Birmingham studying with Roger White and Henry Chapman. My research project is looking at the rural settlement patterns of the Roman Cotswolds, Upper Thames Valley and the Severn Vale to understand their spatial locations and their relat…

Masters degree -
John Dinges Pilgrim Badges in England and Wales

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Oxford reading for an M.Phil in Archaeology. My thesis project, which will be completed in June 2020, will focus on the late medieval pilgrim badges of England and Wales. The potential to "shed light on a wide range of popular medieva…

Masters degree -
Ross Humphreys Rome Resistant? Local Identity and Coinage Use in Roman Cornwall.

My name is Ross Humphreys and I am a MA Artefact Studies student at the Institute of Archaeology at UCL. I am applying for research access to the PAS to provide a dataset for my dissertation project, provisionally entitled Rome Resistant? Local Identity and Coinage Use in …

Masters degree 2019
Aidan Alexander Context and Depostion or Bronze Age Dirks and Rapiers in South-East England and Scotland

I am currently in the process of collecting data for my masters thesis. I am writing my thesis at Leiden University, and have included my supervisor as the referee.

My thesis will explore the context and depositional treatment of early and middle Bronze Age dirks & rapiers fro…

Masters degree -
Lewis Batchelor Roman Coin Finds in North Leicestershire and Cumbria

There have been considerable amounts of work carried out in the past that have focussed on the nature and extent of coinage in Roman Britain. One key trend that has emerged from this research has been the notion that coin usage was at its peak usage during the earlier parts of Roman occup…

Masters degree -
Caroline Skelton Horses, Hares and Chickens in Religious practices

This is a MA dissertation focussing on three animals - horses, hares and chickens to see how religion has changed consumption practices in Great Britain, concentrating on data from Southern England. This will entail looking primarily at zooarchaeological data but incorporating iconographi…

Masters degree -
Amelia Perrin Social context of Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches of the fifth- and sixth-centuries

I am an Archaeology MA student at Newcastle University. My research will focus on the social context of Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches of the fifth- and sixth-centuries. This will involve analysing the distribution and chronology of Anglo-Saxon button brooches and comparing their for…

Masters degree 2019
Raphael Lam Ethnicity and Social Status in Later Iron Age and Roman Britain

My research explores the relationship between ethnicity and social status/vested interests during the Later Iron Age and Roman Britain period and re-evaluating the current approaches towards the archaeological materials in that timeframe, mainly focusing on southeast England.


Masters degree -
Kaite Mountain Roman and Early Medieval disc brooches

I'm a MA Archaeology student and for my dissertation I'm looking at Roman/Early medieval disc brooches. My aim is to attempt to clarify the chronology and distribution, and explore how material culture reflected the transition from Roman to Anglo-Saxon.

Referee: James Gerrard (Uni…

Masters degree -
Shaun Clayton Archaeology of Witchcraft in the 17th Century

I am a Masters student at the Universtiy of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and I would like to request that my account be upgraded to research level, so that I may gather more complete data on my chosen subject, the archaeology of witchcraft and counter-witchcraft during the 17th Century.…

Masters degree 2019
Edward Dempster Iron Age Hillforts on the Salisbury Plain/ River Avon Wiltshire

Iron Age Hillforts on the Salisbury Plain/ River Avon Wiltshire

I am studying for an MA in Archaeology at the University of Buckingham.

My research/dissertation is focused on Iron Age Hillforts on the Salisbury Plain including those near the River Avon, Wi…

Masters degree -
Alistair Thomson Knights Templar

My current thread of study seeks to characterise the rural preceptories of the Knights Templar in England 1128-1308, aiming to discuss their spatial layout, nature and socio-economic impact. The dissertation will use case studies to illustrate key themes, seeking to determine how archaeol…

Masters degree -
Paul Puissant The Anglo-Saxons

A study of the Anglo-Saxons. University of Tours, France.


Professor Elisabeth Lorans

Masters degree -
Aleksandra Rodzinka Medieval Weights

I'm an MSc archaeology student and in order to complete my assignment on medieval weights I need access to finsdspots of objects to create a distribution map.

Referee: Ulrike Sommer, Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Masters degree -

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