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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Eljas Oksanen Digital Solutions for Complex Numismatic and Archaeological Data (DigiNUMA)

Digital Solutions for Complex Numismatic and Archaeological Data (DigiNUMA)

Keywords (3-5): Semantic Computing, ontologies, pan-European archaeological data harmonisation, numismatic/archaeological culture heritage, museum collections management

External project (International) -
Eljas Oksanen Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA)

Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA)

The pilot project Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA) will create a proof-of-concept data service and portal to access archaeological heritage data with built…

External project (International) -
David Wigg-Wolf Roman Imperial Coinage IX

David Wiff-Wolf is writing the new edition of Roman Imperial Coinage volume IX on the Houses of Valentinian and Theodosius.

Referee: Sam Moorhead

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Lee Mordechai Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy

I am the PI of the FLAME project (Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy;, a digital humanities project of the Princeton University Numismatic Collection and the Committee for the Study of Late …

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Bjoern Menze Bronze Age Landscapes

Our project aims at studying Bronze Age monumentalised and agricultural landscapes with a focus on field systems and related earthworks using novel computational tools applied to resources that are available as digital data sets at a national scale. We have a chronological focus o…

External project (International) -
Jouni Tuominem A PAS for Finland

We are collaborating with PAS in our SuALT research project ( where we are developing a similar finds recording system in Finland.

External project (International) -
Samanta Reiter Tales of Bronze Age Women

I am a post-doc researcher at the National Museum of Denmark currently involved with the Tales of Bronze Age Women project. You can find more about our project here (http://en.natmus.d…

External project (International) -
Andres Dobat Denmark Finds Organisation

I will be using my researchers access in relation to our ongoing development of the Danish equivalent to PAS – the DIME project, which invites detectorists to upload find data.

In addition, I will be using PAS data in various research projects on Early Medieval/Viking Age societ…

External project (International) -
Tony King Gazetteer of Temples, Shrines and Holy Places in Roman Britain

I am compiling a gazetteer of temples, shrines and holy places of Roman Britain, as part of the Fontes Epigraphici Religionum Celticarum Antiquarum project; a European research initiative sponsored by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. I have a database of approximately 400 sites throughou…

External project (International) -
Svein Gullbekk A PAS for Norway

Professor Svein Gullbekk (Univeristy of Oslo) is part of a Norwegian team (consisting of archaeologists, muselogists and politicians) who are looking into setting up a scheme, similar to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, in Norway.

External project (International) -

European Union project MICHAEL Provider of content

External project (International) -

The Scheme was a provider of data to the BRICKS European Union funded project. The means of data transfer in this case is via OAI-PMH.

External project (International) -
ISAW, New York University Pleiades [Barrington Atlas of the Classical World]

Since March 2007, the Scheme has participated in the Pleiades project (formerly based at University of North Carolina) at New York University. We have provided technical comments to their team on their latest development. More about this project can be read at

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