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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Jean Lowe Ouse and Derwent Project 2017 - 2019

Ouse and Derwent Project 2017-2019

North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society's Ouse and Derwent project investigates the Iron Age (800BC - 100AD) in the ancient Wapentake of Ouse and Derwent and centres on the occupation of thr…

Undergraduate -
Ben Hume Great Viking Army

My name is Ben Hume and I am an archaeology undergraduate student at the University of York. I am currently researching the archaeological signature of the great Viking army for my dissertation in which my research will take reference to papers published by Dawn Hadley and Julian Richards…

Undergraduate 2020
Tom Elwin The Viking Great Army in the Yorkshire Wolds

As part of the University of York's archaeology undergraduate programme, a dissertation is conducted in the third year. In this dissertation, supervised by Prof. Dawn Hadley, I am building on her work with Julian Richards on the Viking Great Army's archaeological signature. Their recent p…

Undergraduate -
Angelika Gill East Sussex Regional Study

I am a student of archaeology at the Department for Continuing Education at Oxford University and am doing an "extended project" on the archaeology within 5 km from my residence. In order to exactly localise all the existing finds, I need research level access. My mentor for the p…

Undergraduate -
Sophie Billingham Colour in Iron Age and Roman Decorative Brooches

My research is for an undergraduate dissertation looking at the use of colour in decorative metalwork with special attention to Iron Age decorative metal and Roman Brooches.

Referee: Caroline Pudney (University of Chester)

Undergraduate -
James Spencer Roman North-East Wales

My dissertation project aims to examine and produce a characterisation of Roman activity in North East Wales and across the border in the Cheshire/Wirral region. My aim is to use finds, artefacts and known sites in order to assess what activities and settlements are located in the region …

Undergraduate -
Imogen Hay Late and Post Roman coin hoarding in Devon

I am a third year Archaeology and Anthropology student at the University of Exeter. For my dissertation I am researching the change in coinage and coin hoarding behaviours during the late to post-Roman period in Devon.

Referee: Ioana Oltean

Undergraduate -
Rohan Ramoutar The Mesolithic in Cornwall

My dissertation subject for this year is an examination of the Mesolithic period across Cornwall, specifically, considering any links between Mesolithic finds; their spatial relationships, their use and the landscape type.

To do this I would like to have access to the spatial data…

Undergraduate 2019
Mylor O'Shaugnessey Roman Brooches in Britain

My project would be to use the brooches found in a militarised area at forts along Hadrian's Wall and from the PAS in Northumbria, and then compare these with those from an area generally seen as more removed from Roman influence like Devon and Cornwall, and possibly if time const…

Undergraduate 2019
Paul Hasler Christianity in East Anglia in the Early Medieval Period

I am attempting to use network theory to examine the spread of Christianity in East Anglia in the early medieval period for my dissertation at the University of Leicester. One aspect of the study is investigating both 'productive sites' and artefacts such as styli and coins to look at pos…

Undergraduate -
Katharine Waring Regal-Ecclesiastical Power Relations in Early Medieval Northumbria

I am an archaeology undergraduate at the university of York currently starting to work on my dissertation. My dissertation will aim to assess the contribution the PAS can make to our understanding of regal-ecclesiastical power relations in Early Medieval Northumbria using numismatic data.…

Undergraduate -
Bethany Waters Latin Inscriptions recorded with the PAS

I will be working with Dr John Pearce in the next few months as part of a graduate research internship (funded by Kings College London). This will be running until the beginning of September. I will be requiring research access to the PAS as we be looking to undertake two projects. One wi…

Undergraduate 2018
Alice Derry The Road to Christianity

I am about to embark on my dissertation entitled 'The road to Christianity in England: examined through specific types of religious amulets within the period AD300- AD1500' at the University of York and would benefit greatly from access to the information in the PAS database.


Undergraduate 2019
Phoebe Ronn Subtidal Archaeology

I am a second year at the University of York and I am writing my undergraduate dissertation on potential subtidal archaeology. I will be creating a series of maps of the UK in GIS using geological data, marine topography data and archaeological data from CITiZAN and (hopefully) the Portab…

Undergraduate 2019
Matt Stevens Zoomordphic Brooches

I am a undergraduate student studying archaeology and landscape history at University Centre Peterborough. The aim of my dissertation is to identify the distribution patterns of Romano-British zoomorphic brooches and research what the animals symbolise, in an attempt to identify whether t…

Undergraduate 2019
Noah Young Iron Age environs of Maiden Castle and Cadbury Castle

I am an undergraduate archaeology student at the University of Chester who is currently preparing to undertake a dissertation on the subject of "Hillforts, Landscapes and Iron Age Society".

I will be using GIS to investigate what the distribution of Iron Age settlements and featur…

Undergraduate 2019
Matthew Thomas Coinage of the Durotriges

Undergraduate dissertation relating to aspects of the imagery and distribution of Durotrigian coinage. This research will run for a maximum of 6 months and is being undertaken at University of Chester with Dr. Barry Taylor as supervisor.

Undergraduate 2018
Leslie Hebb The evolution of the landscape of the parish and the settlement development of the village, of Bishop Burton

I am a part-time history and archaeology student at the University of Hull. I am applying for undergraduate research data for my dissertation "The evolution of the landscape of the parish and the settlement development of the village, of Bishop Burton" in the East Riding of Yorkshire whic…

Undergraduate -
Richard Smith Brough, Melton and Welton in the East Riding of Yorkshire

I am a third year student of History and Archeaology at the University of Hull. During this year I am working on my undergraduate dissertation, which will focus on human activity in the town of Brough, and the villages of Welton and Melton, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The date range …

Undergraduate 2018
Katherine Sewell Roman Figurenes from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

I am a third year archaeology student studying at Durham University. My dissertation concerns Roman figurines from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. I aim to assess the distribution of the figurines in my local area, as well as more detailed aspects such as the god/goddess, human or animal depi…

Undergraduate -

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