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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Stephanie (Shilu) Cao Grims Ditch, Oxfordshire

Stephanie will be working with our Teaching Fellow (Elizabeth Foulds, cc’d to the email) on collating PAS data from the environs of the line of the South Oxfordshire Grims Ditch. For this is it would extremely useful to have access to the most accurate grid references for finds. This st…

Undergraduate -
Linden Ellicot Roman influences in West Cornwall

I am a student on the Advanced Diploma of British Archaeology course at the University of Oxford Continuing Education Department and am studying Roman influences on west Cornwall for my dissertation, due for completion August 2021. My hypothesis being that Roman influences may be visible …

Undergraduate -
Sarah Mitchell The Iron Age / Roman Transition

I'm an Ancient History and Archaeology student at Newcastle University and I'm starting to look into research for my dissertation. I want to look into hoards found from early Roman Britain and the pre-Roman Iron Age to see if there was evidence for conflict before the Romans invaded Brita…

Undergraduate -
Finlay Larkin Reuse of Early Mediaeval Coins

I am doing a dissertation based on early medieval coinage which has been altered for uses other than basic monetary function, mainly that of coins pierced for use as ornamentation. I believe research-level access could be useful in accessing relevant material as I progress with this work,…

Undergraduate -
Eleanor Johnson Toys in Medieval England

Research level user would be beneficial to me for research for my undergraduate degree dissertation (duration of one year) about toys in the medieval and early post-medieval periods in England, focusing on patterns of manufacture and distribution over the periods and nationally.


Undergraduate -
Rosalind Davison Roman Conquest of Northern Britain

I am a second-year undergraduate student at Durham University studying Archaeology and Ancient History. For my dissertation I intend to explore conflict which took place during the Roman conquest and occupation of Northern Britain - specifically I currently intend to focus on Cumb…

Undergraduate 2021
Teresa Allen Roman dress accessories in Oxfordshire

What can the Portable Antiquities Scheme database tell us about the style and form of Roman artefacts associated with clothing in Oxfordshire?

Specific questions I would like to answer are:

What is the distribution of style types across Oxfordshire? I inte…

Undergraduate -
Lucy Milligan Roman Military Pendants

I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Southampton studying archaeology and anthropology. I would like to use your database for my dissertation. My dissertation topic is looking at the distribution of Roman military pendants in Britain using the PAS database. I will look at …

Undergraduate 2021
Darrah Jones-Reddy Speen Medieval Market Site

I plan to complete my 4th-year undergraduate dissertation on the site of Speen that could be the location of a late medieval market. I am currently doing research to support the analysis of this site and will be actively writing my dissertation in the academic year 2021-2022.


Undergraduate -
Katherine Stubbs The use of Sparrowhawks in Medieval hawking from AD c. 1050-1550

I am currently writing an undergratuate dssertation on the use of Sparrowhawks in Medieval hawking from AD c. 1050-1550, with an osteobiography of raptors at Faccombe Netherton, Hampshire. I wish to have researcher access to look at the specific finds locations of hawking-related material…

Undergraduate 2021
Jonathan Dowell Style I Anglo-Saxon Objects

I am researching style 1 Anglo-Saxon objects for an undergraduate dissertation on the role of these objects in 5th and 6th century ethnic identity. The project will likely last for around a year from now.

Referee: Dr. J. Gerrard (Newcastle University)

Undergraduate 2021
Daniel MacEwan Iron Age settlement around Winchester

I am an undergraduate student in BA Archaeology, undertaking a GIS based dissertation which would benefit from the application of the full extent of the PAS database. The project focuses on the distribution and character of Iron Age settlement in the proximity of the modern ci…

Undergraduate -
Savannah Tudlong Byzantine - British Connections

I am a 4th year student at the University of Edinburgh. I am writing my undergraduate dissertation on Byzantine-British connections, and hope to use PAS data to create a GIS map of Byzantine find distributions in Britain from AD 400 - 750. This will support my thesis that Byzantin…

Undergraduate -
Tom Cox Roman Settlement in East Sussex

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of East Anglia. I am requesting research level access to PAS data in order to complete a dissertation regarding the reuse of Roman sites in the Early Medieval period within East Suffolk. I am looking to use finds made b…

Undergraduate 2021
Sophie Alsop Costume in Early Anglo-Saxon Life and Death

I aim to do my BA dissertation on Costume in early Anglo-Saxon life and death, looking at brooches in a northern county as mentioned in your suggested research topics: Keith Parfitt (Canterbury Archaeological Trust) and Andrew Richardson (former Kent FLO) noted many years ago …

Undergraduate -
Mark Orridge From "Final Phase" to Churchyard in mid to late Saxon England

The working title is, From "Final Phase" to Churchyard: a multi-disciplinary investigation into changing funerary practices as indicators of identity and world views in mid-late Anglo-Saxon England.

Referee: Deirdre O’Sullivan (School of Archaeology and Ancient History)

Undergraduate -
Andrew Williams Anglo-Saxon Cruciform Brooches

I would like to become a research level user in order to have access to location data of Anglo-Saxon Cruciform Brooches in order to study Inland Movement of Cultural artefacts and thus people in the Anglo-Saxon Migration period using Cruciform Brooches as a medium as an undergradu…

Undergraduate -
Alex Smith Byzantine Coins in Britain

I am currently a student at Reading University doing my masters dissertation on Mediterranean dark age finds in Britain, inspired by the Byzantine copper coinage piece written by Sam Moorhead in 2009. I would be very grateful if I could possibly have further access of information on the c…

Undergraduate -
Jean Lowe Ouse and Derwent Project 2017 - 2019

Ouse and Derwent Project 2017-2019

North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society's Ouse and Derwent project investigates the Iron Age (800BC - 100AD) in the ancient Wapentake of Ouse and Derwent and centres on the occupation of thr…

Undergraduate -
Ben Hume Great Viking Army

My name is Ben Hume and I am an archaeology undergraduate student at the University of York. I am currently researching the archaeological signature of the great Viking army for my dissertation in which my research will take reference to papers published by Dawn Hadley and Julian Richards…

Undergraduate 2020

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