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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Oliver Davis Iron Age South-East Wales

I am a Lecturer in Archaoelogy at Cardiff University. I am currently undertaking research on the Iron Age of South-east Wales amongst other projects. I am specifically researching a article on the Silures and a broader landscape study of Iron Age activity and material around the hillfort …

Personal research project -
Eleanor Johnson Toys in Medieval England

Research level user would be beneficial to me for research for my undergraduate degree dissertation (duration of one year) about toys in the medieval and early post-medieval periods in England, focusing on patterns of manufacture and distribution over the periods and nationally.


Undergraduate -
David Robinson Coinage of the Durotriges

I am a private researcher working on a die study of Durotriges quarter staters. I am requesting upgraded access in order to get access to more accurate find spots to improve my GIS distribution analysis.

Referee: Dr John Talbot

Personal research project -
Lee Mordechai Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy

I am the PI of the FLAME project (Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy;, a digital humanities project of the Princeton University Numismatic Collection and the Committee for the Study of Late …

External project (International) -
Lynda Walker St Ives, Bingley

I'm currently a masters student on the MSc Archaeological Sciences programme at the University of Bradford. I am undertaking an assignment looking at metal detecting in the area of St. Ives Bingley and am interested in using findspot data to spot patterns using GIS. This is to identify ar…

Masters degree -
Danielle Taylor St. Ives, Bingley

I am currently studying MSc Landscapes and Digital Heritage at the University of Bradford, my current interest in using find spot data to look for any patterns of metal detecting in St. Ives, Bingley in Bradford using GIS. This is to evaluate which areas would need to be protected from an…

Masters degree -
Rosalind Davidson Roman Conquest of Northern Britain

I am a second-year undergraduate student at Durham University studying Archaeology and Ancient History. For my dissertation I intend to explore conflict which took place during the Roman conquest and occupation of Northern Britain - specifically I currently intend to focus on Cumb…

Undergraduate 2021
Andrew Tibbs Roman weaponry

I am currently working with Prof Richard Hingley (Durham) to scope out a project relating to Roman weaponary findspots and how these can be used in GIS spatial analysis to determine military movements through the landscape, and the relationship with various Roman and indigenous locations.…

External project (UK only) -
Greer Ramsey Finds recording in Northern Ireland

I have responsibility for recording all archaeological objects found by members of the public in Northern Ireland, including Treasure. This spans a time frame from the Mesolithic to the 1600 and is part of my role as Curator of Archaeololgy in National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI). I w…

External project (UK only) -
Samantha Elwell Bronze Age riverine metal deposits

I am working with my supervisor Henry Chapman at the University of Birmingham (, investigating the apparent East/West divide in the nature of Bronze Age metal deposition in river contexts.
For my research, I am looking f…

Masters degree 2021
Elizabeth Fuller The human face in Iron Age art

Create a catalogue raissoné of Iron Age objects within the PAS database that represent the human head and face. Seek to understand why and how heads and faces are represented, consider style and representation in local, regional, and greater context, and how they connect to b…

Masters degree -
Valerie Vitale Locating a National Collection

Valerie Vitale and Gethin Rees both have Research Rights for this project.

I would like to access PAS data as part of the AHRC-funded Locating a National Collection project, a collaboration between British Library (where I …

Large scale research AHRC -
Iain Macdonald Archaeological wetland landscapes of Northwest Europe from the Roman through Medieval periods: A comparative spatial analysis.

I am a first year PhD student studying Archaeology at UCL. My project title is: "Archaeological wetland landscapes of Northwest Europe from the Roman through Medieval periods: A comparative spatial analysis."

A large part of this project will involve GIS analyses of archaeological…

PhD level research -
Pauline Clarke Formation of the Anglo-Welsh Borderlands

Student Name: Pauline Clarke, 1514346

Proposed Title: Formation of the Anglo-Welsh Borderlands in the early Middle Ages: Portable Antiquities in the Landscape

Aims & Objectives


To under…

Masters degree -
WIll Thurbin Earthworks in Niton and Whitwell, IOW

I am a PhD student at the University of Birmingham researching Carceral Geography. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Over the past 20 years, in my spare time, I have been researching some interesting earthworks in the south of the Isle of Wight in the Parish of…

Personal research project -
Jemma Underdown Roman to Mediaeval Transition in Eastern Britain

I am a PhD student at the University of Reading working on the Roman to Early Mediaeval transition in regions of eastern Britain. I would like researcher level access in order to have more accurate data on find spots in relationship to other archaeological evidence. I would need this unti…

PhD level research 2022
Arthur Redmonds Castle taskscapes

I am a masters student at the University of Oxford, and I am hoping to use PAS location data in a number of masters level research essays over the next half a year (Until september). I will be attempting to analyse castle taskscapes using the material culture present within the wider land…

Masters degree 2021
Teresa Allen Roman dress accessories in Oxfordshire

What can the Portable Antiquities Scheme database tell us about the style and form of Roman artefacts associated with clothing in Oxfordshire?

Specific questions I would like to answer are:

What is the distribution of style types across Oxfordshire? I inte…

Undergraduate -
Lucy Milligan Roman Military Pendants

I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Southampton studying archaeology and anthropology. I would like to use your database for my dissertation. My dissertation topic is looking at the distribution of Roman military pendants in Britain using the PAS database. I will look at …

Undergraduate 2021
Stephen Hartgroves History and Archaeology of the parish of Perranarworthal

I am Steve Hartgroves; I developed and managed the Cornwall and Scilly HER for Cornwall Archaeological Unit in Truro for 30 years until my retirement a few years ago. I am currently Chair of the Roman Cornwall Research Group, a sub-committe of the Cornwall Archaeological Socie…

Personal research project -

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