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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Davina Gail Mackay Continued use of Coinage in the Cotswolds in 5th Century AD

I am undertaking an advanced diploma in archaeology at the University of Oxford Continuing Education department. I am compiling a research dissertation on the subject of 'What evidence is there for the continued use fo coinage in the Cotswolds area of Britain in the fifth century AD'. The…

Undergraduate -
Johan du Preez The Anglo-Saxon transition

I am doing a PhD at UCL with the title of my thesis: 'The Anglo-Saxon transition: An inter-disciplinary and regional
approach'. My joint Supervisors are Profs. Andrew Reynolds (Medieval Archaeology) and Mark Thomas (Evolutionary Genetics). The research method I am using is to form h…

PhD level research -
Eniko Hudak Economy of Roman Britain

I am a first year Archaeology PhD student at Newcastle University, my supervisors are Dr James Gerrard from Newcastle and Dr Rob Witcher from Durham. My PhD is due to be submitted in 2025.

My research topic proposes a new understanding of the economy of Roman Britain in view of th…

PhD level research -
Lewis Day Archaeology and material culture of health and wellness

Academic research in Ancient History and Archaeology has illuminated the complex social world of the past, allowing us to understand the structures that formed and developed early societies. Throughout the span of antiquity one facet remains a temporal and spatial constant: th…

Masters degree -
Tim Jeffery Roman Roads in Nottinghamshire

I can confirm that Tim Jeffery is a masters student here in the Archaeology Department at the University of Sheffield. He is registered on the MA Archaeology programme and is in the second year of his part-time programme. Several people in the department here have been involved in discuss…

Masters degree -
Jules Simpson Continental Iron Age coins recorded with the PAS

My research project for my undergraduate dissertation is an analysis of all continental Iron Age coinage found in Britain that is recorded on the PAS database. I will be using location data to create spatial distribution maps, as well as comparing the denominations, material that the coin…

Undergraduate -
Sophie Bell Desk Assessments

Desk Assessments for Cotswold Archaeology: I currently undertake DBAs for Cotswold Archaeology, and details on findspots are useful for determining the potential for Sites to contain further finds.

Referee: Nathan Blick (Cotswold Archaeology)

Desk based assessment -
Lauren Todd Anglo-Saxon Funerary and Living Costumes

Hello, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Exeter requesting research-level access for my dissertation on the differences between Anglo-Saxon funerary and living costume. This is a suggested research project by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, and as stated on the topics pa…

Undergraduate -
Sue Harwood Roman and Early Medieval Horse Harnesses

Horse Harness - a comparison of Roman and Early Medieval finds to analyse horse husbandry and fittings

Project to be completed by Suimmer 2022

Referee: Caroline Pudney (Chester University)

Masters degree -
Martin Bell Various Prehistoric Projects

I am Emeritus Professor of Archaeological Science at Reading University and am involved in a number of archaeological research projects and have written 11 books and monographs and over 100 papers on archaeological research. Those for which PAS academic access is most relevant…

Personal research project -
Simon Marsh Post-Mediaeval Battlefields

I am the Research and Battlefield Threats Coordinator for the Battlefields Trust, a national charity dedicated to the preservation, research and presentataion of battlefields as historical and educational resources. I would like Researcher access to the PAS database to review detail on sh…

External project (UK only) -
Tuuli Kurisoo Settlement patterns in Estonia

I am currently leading interdisciplinary research project at the Tallinn University, Estonia. I examine long-term developments in the settlement patterns, production of ornaments and visual culture by using metal-detector finds from Estonia (project MetDect).

External project (International) 2023
John Margham 'The Isle of Wight c. 650 to c. 1150- the localisation of a landscape?'

I am a part-time PhD student at the Centre for Medieval Studies at York University. My provisional thesis title is 'The Isle of Wight c. 650 to c. 1150- the localisation of a landscape?' I have used the PAS for higher level searches on numerous occasions for my doctoral research in the pa…

PhD level research -
Gavin Speed Romans and Anglo-Saxons in the East Midlands

I'm a professional archaeologist (CMIfA) working for University of Leicester Archaeological Services. I'm undertaking archaeological research in the East Midlands, mainly in Leicestershire and Rutland, on the late Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. Full research level access should allow me t…

Desk based assessment -
Ewan Hale A site near Alveston, Bristol

I am carrying out research as part of an Archaeology & Anthropology BA at the University of Bristol. My dissertation is a Desk-Based Assessment of the area surrounding a site at Lower Hazel outside Alveston, north of Bristol. Specifically, the finds recorded in the database …

Undergraduate -
Jennifer Maxwell-Harris Viking landscape in the Thames Estuary

I am an undergraduate student studying for the Diploma in British Archaeology at the Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University. I am researching for a project on the Thames estuary, the archaeological landscape/riverscape in the Viking age in this area (comprising parts of the…

Undergraduate -
Naomi Allen Cluniac congregation in late medieval England

I am doing a PhD in medieval studies within the history department at the University of Exeter, researching the Cluniac congregation in late medieval England. My project is focusing on the identity of the congregation, with particular attention to their patronage links and intellectual an…

PhD level research 2024
Edward Parker Romano-British buckles and nail cleaners from Norfolk and LIncolnshire

I am a student at the university of Exeter, and am working on an undergraduate dissertation. My dissertation involves investigating Romano-British buckles and nail cleaners from Norfolk and Lincolnshire to assess regional variation and the extent to which regional variation distribution p…

Undergraduate -
Elizabeth Barroeta Anglo-Saxon Dress Jewellery

Anglo-Saxon dress jewellery


Dr Toby Martin (PhD, SFHEA)

Director of Online Short Courses, Departmental Lecturer in Archaeology

Undergraduate -
Hugh Williams Tracking Roman Roads in Somerset

GIS Analysis of accidental Roman losses to trace Roman routeways in the County of Somerset. Comparing the finds data with the known Roman roads and then using euclidean path analysis to understand whether there is a correlation between the scatter of accidental losses and the potential sh…

Masters degree -

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