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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Curtis Karallis Spatial Distribution of Papal Bullae

I am a masters student at the University of Exeter and am looking to do my dissertation using PAS data.

I am currently looking to do a detailed find spot analysis of papal bullae and to achieve this would require access to the spatial data on PAS. I can give a more detailed plan o…

Masters degree 2022
Stephen Gadd Locating National Collection Project

I am working as Research Curator on the Locating a National Collection project (AHRC funded) at the British Library, and so would like research level access, please.

Referee: Gethin Rees (British Library)

External project (UK only) -
Lorena Hitchens Dodecahedra in Roman Britain

I would like to request researcher-level access for performing research for my MA dissertation, in archaeology of Roman Britain, especially dodecahedra.

Referee: James Gerrard (Newcastle University)

Masters degree -
Simon Walton Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval Portchester and environs

My research interest is twofold; Firstly I am undertaking and investigation into Iron Age/Roman/Early medieval occupation patterns in and around the areas of Portchester, Southwick, Havant/Hayling. The aim being to identify any likely sites that have not being found through other …

External project (UK only) -
Martin Millett Roman York: beneath the streets

A research project looking at the past archaeology of York: Roman York: beneath the streets

Martin Millett and Thomas Matthews …

External project (UK only) -
John Reid Roman Military artefacts in Scotland

Roman Iron Age in Scotland with a particular interest in Roman military artefacts.

My sub specialist area of interest:

Roman lead sling bullets (glandes) not just in Scotland but UK-wide.

External project (UK only) -
Peter Knowles Palaeolithic in the Stour Valley (Kent)

I'm a doctoral research student at Durham University. My doctoral research project is trying to establish if there is evidence for cultural patterning in early and middle Palaeolithic handaxes, for this study I am focusing on the very narrow spatial region and broad temporal p…

PhD level research -
Eljas Oksanen Digital Solutions for Complex Numismatic and Archaeological Data (DigiNUMA)

Digital Solutions for Complex Numismatic and Archaeological Data (DigiNUMA)

Keywords (3-5): Semantic Computing, ontologies, pan-European archaeological data harmonisation, numismatic/archaeological culture heritage, museum collections management

External project (International) -
Eljas Oksanen Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA)

Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA)

The pilot project Data Services for Transnational Archaeology (DASTA) will create a proof-of-concept data service and portal to access archaeological heritage data with built…

External project (International) -
Chris Matthews Romans in North East Wales

I am a professional archaeologist working for Archaeological Survey West. We are conducting research alongside the University of Chester into Roman activity in North East Wales and around the River Dee. We recently undertook a survey over an enclosure, noted as a possible Roman encampment…

External project (UK only) -
Colin Weighell Late Glacial and Mesolithic archaeology of the Wessex Basin Chalk streams

Late Glacial and Mesolithic archaeology of the Wessex Basin Chalk streams

Rivers primarily fed by the chalk aquifer have distinct physical, aesthetic and ecological qualities which are very likely to have been noticed by the hunter-gatherer groups which e…

Masters degree -
Paul Kitching Roman Frontiers in Britain

A three-year PhD project examining multiple theories for the development and function of early Roman frontiers in Britain. Spatial and typological analysis of PAS data can contribute to a broader body of evidence in exploring the impact of frontiers on mobility, the geographic extent and …

PhD level research -
Lorrae Campbell Merrick's Hill, Eddisbury, excavation report

Having recently gained my PhD at the University of Liverpool, I am now acting as a Research Assistant for my supervisor Dr Rachel Pope, as she prepares the Merrick's Hill, Eddisbury excavation records for publication as a monograph. Specifically, I would like to gain an understanding of t…

External project (UK only) 2022
John Dinges Moulding Dissent: late medieval pilgrim signs and their political role in Britain

This study will seek to evaluate the social, religious, and political status of late medieval pilgrim signs within the context of Britain c.AD 1300-1600. Analysis of the use and distribution of pilgrim badge and ampulla finds has the potential to produce significant interpretations relati…

PhD level research -
Dr Johnnie Shipley National Gird Infrastructure North Yorkshire

I am a Principal Heritage Consultant with AECOM and I'm currently working on a number of large infrastructure schemes in the UK including SEGL2 in East and North Yorkshire (Introduc…

External project (UK only) -
Richard Anderson "Tadcaster (Roman Calcaria) and surrounding area - an evaluation of the prehistoric and Roman Archaeological evidence."

The title of my dissertation is "Tadcaster (Roman Calcaria) and surrounding area - an evaluation of the prehistoric and Roman Archaeological evidence."

I will be researching a number of archaeological sources but one of my proposed objectives…

Masters degree -
Stephanie (Shilu) Cao Grims Ditch, Oxfordshire

Stephanie will be working with our Teaching Fellow (Elizabeth Foulds, cc’d to the email) on collating PAS data from the environs of the line of the South Oxfordshire Grims Ditch. For this is it would extremely useful to have access to the most accurate grid references for finds. This st…

Undergraduate -
Tony Brookes Littleover, Derbyshire

I'm looking to write a landscape scale history of Littleover in Derby and then publish it as a book. I've chosen to centre my research on St Peter's Church in Littleover, and outwards in a 12 km radius, concentrating initially on the period from the earliest finds in this area until 1100 …

Personal research project -
Caroline Croasdaile Interior Lives: Reliquary Pendants in Late Medieval England

In my research I am investigating the apotropaic, material, and social roles of 'reliquary pendants' in the lives of English medieval people (c. 1400-1500). Within this period of heightened emphasis on affective and personal piety, I plan to explore the processes through which individuals…

PhD level research -
David Vincent Landscape Archaeology in the Chilterns

My research relates to a dissertation for MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology with the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford. Course director is Professor David Griffiths. My dissertation supervisor is Dr Wendy Morrison, Chilterns Conservation Board. …

Masters degree -

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