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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Stephen Wass Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science

I am undertaking a programme of doctoral research at the University of Oxford under the title of 'Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science'. This involves excavations in the seventeenth-century gardens at Hanwell Castle, Oxfordshire an…

PhD level research 2022
Anthony Del Rio Scandinavian settlement in England

I am a research student at the University of Oxford and I am writing to request elevated status to become a research level user. My research project is based upon the material record of the Scandinavian settlement in England, and I will require access for approximately three years.

PhD level research 2023
Rebekah Hiett Viking inset lead weights

I am writing a masters dissertation at the University of York investigating Viking inset lead weights associated with the exploits of the Great Army which ravaged the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the late ninth century. My research questions include why specific items were chosen as insets, an…

Masters degree 2020
Lucy Moore Stycas, kings and Vikings: the copper-alloy revolution in 9th-century

This PhD project explores the manufacture, use and distribution of 9th-century copper-alloy
coins called stycas, minted in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Recent research has the need for a
reappraisal of this coinage, which has much to reveal about the impact of the V…

PhD level research 2022
Matt Beverley Big Cats in Britannia: assessing awareness of big cat species in Roman Britain

My name is Matt Beverley and I am an MA student at the University of Reading where I will be finishing the course in September 2020. I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation which is titled: Big Cats in Britannia: assessing awareness of big cat species in Roman Britain. My…

Masters degree -
Mark Slessarev Early Mediaeval use of Roman sites on the Saxon Shore

I intend to use the database for my MA dissertation at Durham University. The subject of research is Early Mediaeval use of Roman sites on the Saxon Shore. The Portable Antiquities Scheme would be used to collect data relating to finds in the vicinity of selected sites which will be used …

Masters degree -
Isobel Gomer Medieval Seal Matrices

This thesis will examine medieval seal matrices, particularly personal non-heraldic ones, and will consider what these objects communicate about the identity of the user. The imagery and mottos will be examined to see if there is any link between the subject and the owner, the significanc…

Masters degree 2020
Savannah Tudlong Byzantine - British Connections

I am a 4th year student at the University of Edinburgh. I am writing my undergraduate dissertation on Byzantine-British connections, and hope to use PAS data to create a GIS map of Byzantine find distributions in Britain from AD 400 - 750. This will support my thesis that Byzantin…

Undergraduate -
Cameron Wildridge The impact of Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries on material culture in the landscape

I am a Computational Archaeology masters student at UCL, and am writing dissertation on how the presence of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery impacts the contemporary material culture that is found in a landscape (presence/absence, types of material culture present, etc), including looking …

Masters degree 2020
Helen Thomas Medieval copper-alloy dress accessories from York and Yorkshire

I am applying for an upgrade in status to research level so as to better conduct my research for my Masters dissertation-I am studying for a MA in Medieval Archaeology from the University of York. My research is on later medieval copper-alloy dress accessories from York and Yo…

Masters degree 2020
Catherine Jones The Sword in Iron Age Britain

I am currently a Combined Doctoral Award student working on my PhD thesis which is entitled 'The Sword in Iron Age Britain'. My AHRC award is held jointly by the University of Manchester and The British Museum. My research project aims to discern the social importance of the s…

PhD level research 2021
Tom Cox Roman Settlement in East Sussex

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of East Anglia. I am requesting research level access to PAS data in order to complete a dissertation regarding the reuse of Roman sites in the Early Medieval period within East Suffolk. I am looking to use finds made b…

Undergraduate 2021
Emma Wager Bronze Age Mining on the Great Orme

I completed my PhD thesis in 2003 at the University of Sheffield on 'The Character and Context of Bronze Age Mining on the Great Orme, North Wales, UK'. I am currently preparing an updated version of this study for publication by the end of this year (2020). This includes a se…

Major publication 2020
Sophie Alsop Costume in Early Anglo-Saxon Life and Death

I aim to do my BA dissertation on Costume in early Anglo-Saxon life and death, looking at brooches in a northern county as mentioned in your suggested research topics: Keith Parfitt (Canterbury Archaeological Trust) and Andrew Richardson (former Kent FLO) noted many years ago …

Undergraduate -
Ulrike Sommer MA Artefacts Course at UCL

I coordinate the MA in Artefact studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. The students have a lecture on PAS and do assessed work on interpreting the finds distributions We also had several MA-dissertations based on PAS data.

In ord…

Masters degree -
John Oswin Franciscas on the PAS Database

Following the discovery of a Francisca (throwing axe) near Frome, I need to access all features of the database to locate other franciscas on the PAS and add these to known museum provenances to produce a distribution map, and do further analysis on francisca fabrication and use. I expect…

Personal research project -
Stuart Laycock late Roman Buckles and Belt Fittings

Some time ago I did research on typology and the big picture of regionalised buckle and belt fitting distribution during the late Roman-controlled period, but now want to examine some distribution on a much more localised scale.

Referee: Dr Sam Moorhead (B…

Personal research project -
Rebecca Ellis figurative animal and human forms within La Tène art

My PhD reseach is looking into the use of genuinely figurative animal and human forms within La Tène art in England and Wales. I am half way through a three year PhD and already provided assistance with ID's and information to several FLO's. I am based at the University of Hull a…

PhD level research -
Eleanor March Tewkesbury Abbey

I am a PhD student based at the University of Exeter carrying out interdisciplinary research on Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, aiming to elucidate the development of the church and the monastic precinct from its early medieval origins until the Dissolution.

PhD level research -
Mark Orridge From "Final Phase" to Churchyard in mid to late Saxon England

The working title is, From "Final Phase" to Churchyard: a multi-disciplinary investigation into changing funerary practices as indicators of identity and world views in mid-late Anglo-Saxon England.

Referee: Deirdre O’Sullivan (School of Archaeology and Ancient History)

Undergraduate -

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