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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Ben Roberts Did British Tin Sources and Trade make Bronze Age Europe

Chemical and Isotopic analysis of tin ores from across South-West Britain to compare with bronze objects to see to what extent it helped power massive technological and cultural change across Europe.

Dr Ben Roberts and Dr Alan Williams (Durham University)

Referee: Sam Moor…

Major research (Leverhulme funded) -
Carl Holland Roman Rural Settlement in Surrey

As part of Surrey Archaeology Societies Roman Studies Group I have been invited to take part in a research project entitled Surreys Roman Rural Settlement Programme. The project has a core of four people led by David Calow and including Anne Sassin (Surrey Archaeology, communi…

Archaeology society project -
Katherine Stubbs The use of Sparrowhawks in Medieval hawking from AD c. 1050-1550

I am currently writing an undergratuate dssertation on the use of Sparrowhawks in Medieval hawking from AD c. 1050-1550, with an osteobiography of raptors at Faccombe Netherton, Hampshire. I wish to have researcher access to look at the specific finds locations of hawking-related material…

Undergraduate 2021
Susan Pearce Macmillan Becoming Christian in the British Midlands

I am running a research programme investigating the creation of Christian sites in the Midlands entitled Becoming Christian in the British Midlands. This involves creating a series of county databases and searchable Access files for a broad range of parish-by-parish information, which wil…

Major publication -
Susan Harrison English Heritage Guardianship sites

I work as a Collection Curator for English Heritage in the north of England for English Heritage guardianship sites in the geographic areas of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Teesside, Durham and Northumberland. I actively research the collections (multi-period) held by Englis…

External project (UK only) 2023
Robert Bylett TAS Valley Landscape Project

I want to become a research-level user to enable the recording and research of finds. Our project is the TAS Valley Landscape Project, part of the Caistor Roman Project. Working in partnership with the University of Nottingham, Caistor Roman Project, a registered charity was s…

Archaeology society project -
Camille Vo Van Qui Medieval horse training (11th to 15th century)

I am a student at the University of Exeter, doing a PhD on the subject of medieval horse training (11th to 15th century). I expect to complete my theses in 2023.

I am mostly studying manuscripts, such as the De Medicina Equorum writt…

PhD level research 2023
Chris Edley Nucleated settlements in Roman Britain

I am A PGR student at the University of Leicester. I am researching nucleated settlements in Roma era Britain, comparing finds assemblages from sites within the east midlands civilian zone with those at sites in the northeastern military zone.

Referee: P…

PhD level research -
Roger Bennett The road network in Roman Britain studied using Portable Antiquities Scheme evidence in combination with desk-based landscape analysis tools

I am just about to start an MRes in Archaeology at the University of Chester (already formally enrolled). The research relates to Roman roads and PAS-recorded artefacts. In order to produce meaningful results I will need fairly precise location data for finds, though I am cons…

Masters degree -
Gemma Bond Gloucestershire in the post-Roman period

I am seeking access to the PAS database at research level for my MA dissertation which I am currently undertaking at Cardiff University. My dissertation is a regional study of the historical county of Gloucestershire in the post-Roman period. I intend to utilise the PAS databa…

Masters degree -
Matthew Knight Deliberate Destruction and Deposition of Bronze Age Metalwork in South West England

I am continuing my research on Bronze Age metalwork in Britain in preparation for several articles, as well as the publication of my PhD thesis as a monograph on the Deliberate Destruction and Deposition of Bronze Age Metalwork in South West England (completed at Exeter 2018, due …

Major publication -
Laura Jones Warhorse: The Archaeology of a Military Revolution

I will be working on a placement as part of the AHRC project 'Warhorse: The Archaeology of a Military Revolution', led by Professors Oliver Creighton and Alan Outram (University of Exeter). Working with Rob Webley (University of Exeter; former PAS), I will be focusing on records r…

Large scale research AHRC 2021
Andrew Reynolds Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards in Wales and Marches: An investigation into patterns of selective and reflective deposition

A four-year doctoral project investigating patterns of selective and reflective deposition in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age hoards of Wales and the Marches. The research aims to contribute to the recent shift in the approaches to analysis and understanding of the Western European Late …

PhD level research 2024
Jonathan Dowell Style I Anglo-Saxon Objects

I am researching style 1 Anglo-Saxon objects for an undergraduate dissertation on the role of these objects in 5th and 6th century ethnic identity. The project will likely last for around a year from now.

Referee: Dr. J. Gerrard (Newcastle University)

Undergraduate 2021
Daniel MacEwan Iron Age settlement around Winchester

I am an undergraduate student in BA Archaeology, undertaking a GIS based dissertation which would benefit from the application of the full extent of the PAS database. The project focuses on the distribution and character of Iron Age settlement in the proximity of the modern ci…

Undergraduate -
Stephen Wass Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science

I am undertaking a programme of doctoral research at the University of Oxford under the title of 'Voyages to the House of Diversion, 17th. Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science'. This involves excavations in the seventeenth-century gardens at Hanwell Castle, Oxfordshire an…

PhD level research 2022
Anthony Del Rio Scandinavian settlement in England

I am a research student at the University of Oxford and I am writing to request elevated status to become a research level user. My research project is based upon the material record of the Scandinavian settlement in England, and I will require access for approximately three years.

PhD level research 2023
Rebekah Hiett Viking inset lead weights

I am writing a masters dissertation at the University of York investigating Viking inset lead weights associated with the exploits of the Great Army which ravaged the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the late ninth century. My research questions include why specific items were chosen as insets, an…

Masters degree 2020
Lucy Moore Stycas, kings and Vikings: the copper-alloy revolution in 9th-century

This PhD project explores the manufacture, use and distribution of 9th-century copper-alloy
coins called stycas, minted in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Recent research has the need for a
reappraisal of this coinage, which has much to reveal about the impact of the V…

PhD level research 2022
Matt Beverley Big Cats in Britannia: assessing awareness of big cat species in Roman Britain

My name is Matt Beverley and I am an MA student at the University of Reading where I will be finishing the course in September 2020. I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation which is titled: Big Cats in Britannia: assessing awareness of big cat species in Roman Britain. My…

Masters degree -

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