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Primary investigator Title Level End date
Emma Cater Viking and Anglo-Scandinavian Sculpture in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

I would like my account to be upgraded as it will assist greatly with my current studies for an MA by Thesis in Archaeology (part time, supervised by Peter Halkon), which I am undertaking at the University of Hull. I am producing a comparative study of the archaeological evidence of scult…

Masters degree 2019
Dave Garner Variance and Hybridity in the Roman Empire

I am currently undertaking PhD research at University of Chester under the supervision of Dr Caroline Pudney. My research focuses upon localised variance and hybridity within the Roman Empire in Britain, the Rhine/Danube and Syria. Acccess to components of your database at 'research level…

PhD level research -
Nikki Cowlard Roman to Saxon Surrey

As Secretary of Surrey Archaeological Society's Roman Studies Group I am currently engaged in research on the Roman - Saxon interface in Historic Surrey under the leadership of Dr. David Bird.

Archaeology society project -
Jonathan Ward Viking Trade between Dublin, York and Chester

I would like to be become a resaerch level user as, I will be using the Portable Antiquities Scheme, alongside other data such as HER Data, grey literature, and published literature to analyse the Viking-age trade route between the cities of Dublin and York and Chester's involvement in to…

Masters degree 2017
Erica Cooke The Conversion of the Isle of Wight

I am a BA Archaeology student at the University of York, currently at the end of my second year. My undergraduate dissertation will be an investigation into the conversion to Christianity on the Isle of Wight, and the research will be supervised by Matthew Jenkins. The research will seek …

Undergraduate 2018
Agnes Tregaskis Bronze Age Metal in North Wales

My working title is Bronze Age Metal in North Wales.

My ‘database’ is being built at

To-date I have recorded metal finds reported by antiquarians as well as those recorded in archaeological journals and…

PhD level research 2020
Ben Haines Viking Age Nottinghamshire

I am a current MPhil student at the Unversity of Cambridge. I will be reviewing finds from the early medievel period in Nottinghamshire to determine if they can help develop our understanding of Viking age Nottinghamshire. It is a 4000 word project for a module on the Anglo-Saxon and Viki…

Masters degree -
Meg Sims The Archaeology and History of Lacock

I am preparing an Archaeological and Historic Landscape Survey for the National Trust at Lacock Abbey and associated estate land (264a).

This requires documentary and fieldwork research to create a report bringing together the archaeological and historic evidence for Lacock. The r…

External project (UK only) 2017
Rob Wiseman Bronze Age Metalwork

The immediate reason that I am requesting an upgrade on my account is that I am working with Dr Matt Brudenell on the Bronze Age section of the Eastern Counties Research Framework, which is currently being updated. I would like to include distributions of Bronze Age metalworking finds, to…

External project (UK only) -
James Tufnell The Cirencester Region; Viking disruption in North Yorkshire

Using PAS I hope to able to augment my study of the social organisation and development of Cirencester and its hinterland as part of my MPhil dissertation at Cambridge University. I also hope to encorperate my finds to study metal detector finds as evidence of Viking disruption in North Y…

Masters degree -
Sam Worthington Survey of flint and stone Neolithic asex in Yorkshire

For my undergraduate dissertation (University of Hull), I am conducting a regional survey of flint and stone Neolithic axes in the Yorkshire region.The project will be over on the 3rd of May.

Supervisor: Helen Fenwick

Undergraduate 2017
Kerry Green Researching the development of the parish of Newbald in the East Riding of Yorkshire

I am currently beginning to work on at the university of Hull. My exact question has not been decided yet but it involves researching the development of the parish of Newbald in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I am hoping to carry out some fieldwork to fill gaps in the current underst…

Undergraduate 2018
Mark Dolan Early Bronze Age Flint and Bronze Daggers in East Anglia

I am researching the treatment and deposition of metal and flint daggers in the Early Bronze Age, with a focus on the East Anglian assemblage. In order to be as accurate as possible in representation of the full assemblage of daggers I require access to all information available about the…

Undergraduate 2017
Paula Allen Exploring the evidence for links between Britain, Ireland and Frankia during the period that the Great Viking Army was raiding in England (865-880)

My masters dissertation topic aims to explore the evidence for links between Britain, Ireland and Frankia during the period that the Great Viking Army was raiding in England (865-880).

I am investigating the nature and impact of these links, such as:


Masters degree 2018
Alister Sutherland Peasant Seals and Sealing Practices, c.1200-c.1500

I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Leicester working on medieval peasant seals with the working title of 'Peasant Seals and Sealing Practices, c.1200-c.1500'. The overarching aim of my thesis is to socially and culturally e…

PhD level research 2020
Cassandra Fallowfield How can the study of religious artefacts from Roman York determine how inhabitants embraced cultural variations from across the Empire? Does Roman York show any distinct differences in religious influence to areas such as Malton and Brough?

As an undergraduate student studying BA Archaeology at the University of Hull, I would like to request research level access to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. I am currently working on my dissertation, the title of which is 'How can the study of religious artefacts from Roman York deter…

Undergraduate 2018
Brandon Fathy Putting the Dead in their Place: the social landscape of cemeteries and settlement in early medieval Oxfordshire

The aim of my project is to map the changing spatial relationships between settlements and cemeteries in Oxfordshire from AD 300 to 1000. Vast social change has occurred within this time span beginning with the imposition Roman Empire, its subsequent withdrawal and collapse, and the devel…

Masters degree 2018
Brandon Fathy What can brooches tell us about ethnicity in the Danelaw

I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge and I am trying to map the distribution of Jelling Style brooches in England. This is part of a study on Danish ethnicity in the Danelaw. I want this dataset so I can use it in ArcGIS and manipulate it spatially. Th…

Masters degree 2017
Andres Dobat Denmark Finds Organisation

I will be using my researchers access in relation to our ongoing development of the Danish equivalent to PAS – the DIME project, which invites detectorists to upload find data.

In addition, I will be using PAS data in various research projects on Early Medieval/Viking Age societ…

External project (International) -
Heather Norris What do settlement patterns in the Roman period look like on the Isle of Wight and how reliable is our current evidence?

University College London: Dissertation Topic

Degree: BA Classical Civilisation & Classical Archaeology

Current Research Question: What do settlement patterns in the Roman period look like on the Isle of Wight and how reliable is our current evidence?

My disser…

Undergraduate 2017

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