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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Zena Zein Elabdin The Landscape Archaeology of Bog Bodies

PhD research at the University of Birmingham.

For the past two years, we have been researching the landscape context of bog bodies to understanding the positioning of bodies within the contemporaneous bog. Factors such as distance from the edge of the bog, as well as surface wetne…

PhD level research 2019
Katharine Waring Regal-Ecclesiastical Power Relations in Early Medieval Northumbria

I am an archaeology undergraduate at the university of York currently starting to work on my dissertation. My dissertation will aim to assess the contribution the PAS can make to our understanding of regal-ecclesiastical power relations in Early Medieval Northumbria using numismatic data.…

Undergraduate -
Karl Shutes Examination of Hoards in Roman Britain using Statistical Analysis

University of Warwick

Referee: Kevin Butcher

Masters degree -
Edward Peveler Beacons of the Past

The HLF Funded 'Beacons of the Past' project explores the Iron Age landscapes of the Chilterns AONB, with a particular focus on its hillforts and their surroundings. A bespoke LiDAR survey of the AONB will form the major dataset for this project. PAS data will be consulted for gaining a l…

External project (UK only) -
David Osborne Diet and mobility of people and animals in prehistoric Lincolnshire

University of Nottingham

Referee: Dr Peter Chowne

PhD level research -
Daniel Pett Daniel Pett Varia

I have a variety of projects:

a) edit, amend and add Roman Republican Coin and Roman Imperial Coin identifiers to records so that they appear in the American Numismatic Society projects OCRE and CRRO. This will be done programmatically and manually using R stats or Python - refere…

External project (UK only) -
Jouni Tuominem A PAS for Finland

We are collaborating with PAS in our SuALT research project ( where we are developing a similar finds recording system in Finland.

External project (International) -
Bethany Waters Latin Inscriptions recorded with the PAS

I will be working with Dr John Pearce in the next few months as part of a graduate research internship (funded by Kings College London). This will be running until the beginning of September. I will be requiring research access to the PAS as we be looking to undertake two projects. One wi…

Undergraduate 2018
Dominic Escott Chichester Barrow Survey

~~I am currently undertaking a Masters (MRes) with the University of Winchester, researching Neolithic Oval Barrows specifically at a countrywide level with a more detailed case study area including geophsical work within the 'Secrets of the High Woods' LiDAR project in West Sussex.

External project (UK only) -
Martin Baer Coins finds of Marcus Aurelius to Commodus

In my phd thesis I am researching the coin finds of the Roman emperors Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus and Commodus. One of my research focus deals with the representation of these emperors. Therefore I quantify the coin types from the finds. The find spots within the database of PAS brings…

PhD level research -
Isaac Lawton Livery Badges between the 13th and 16th centuries in England

I am conducting research for a Master's degree at the University of York, investigating various aspects of the use and effect of livery badges in England between the 13th and 16th centuries AD. The primary source of data for this project is a corpus of livery badges acquired from excavati…

Masters degree 2018
Alice Derry The Road to Christianity

I am about to embark on my dissertation entitled 'The road to Christianity in England: examined through specific types of religious amulets within the period AD300- AD1500' at the University of York and would benefit greatly from access to the information in the PAS database.


Undergraduate 2019
Leah Reynolds Settlement in Roman Wales and the Marches

My research examines the nature and development of rural settlements in Wales and the Marches during the Roman period, using material culture to explore questions of landscape use, economic function, and social organisation.

Referee: Peter Guest

Masters degree -
Alex Sorgo Zoomorphic and Skeuomorphic Brooches in Roman Britain

Brooches found in Britain and dated to the Iron Age and Roman eras come in a range of forms with three main categories: bow, crossbow and plate. In this last category are two subtypes, zoomorphic and skeuomorphic brooches, which take the shape of animals and objects. They range from repre…

Masters degree -
Phoebe Ronn Subtidal Archaeology

I am a second year at the University of York and I am writing my undergraduate dissertation on potential subtidal archaeology. I will be creating a series of maps of the UK in GIS using geological data, marine topography data and archaeological data from CITiZAN and (hopefully) the Portab…

Undergraduate 2019
Dragan Milutinovic Roman Provincial Coins in Northern Europe

I am writing a PhD thesis (Wrocław University, Poland) on Finds of Roman provincial coins of the eastern part of the Roman Empire in Central Europe minted 44 BC- 296 AD. As I was collecting an as wide finds database as possible, which is important because of the rarity of these finds, I …

PhD level research -
Owen Humphreys Survey of East Berkshire Archaeology

Owen Humprhey's, who recently completed his PhD at Reading University, is carrying out an assessment on archaeology in East Berkshire, concentrating on finds analysis.

Referee: Hella Eckardt

External project (UK only) -
Matt Stevens Zoomordphic Brooches

I am a undergraduate student studying archaeology and landscape history at University Centre Peterborough. The aim of my dissertation is to identify the distribution patterns of Romano-British zoomorphic brooches and research what the animals symbolise, in an attempt to identify whether t…

Undergraduate 2019
Laura Caygill-Lowery Afterlife of Forts on Hadrian's Wall

The Afterlife of Roman Forts: a case study of the Hadrians Wall region

Referee: Dr Duncan Sayer, University of Central Lancashire

Masters degree 2018
Noah Young Iron Age environs of Maiden Castle and Cadbury Castle

I am an undergraduate archaeology student at the University of Chester who is currently preparing to undertake a dissertation on the subject of "Hillforts, Landscapes and Iron Age Society".

I will be using GIS to investigate what the distribution of Iron Age settlements and featur…

Undergraduate 2019

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