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Primary investigator Title Level End date
David Vincent Landscape Archaeology in the Chilterns

My research relates to a dissertation for MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology with the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford. Course director is Professor David Griffiths. My dissertation supervisor is Dr Wendy Morrison, Chilterns Conservation Board. …

Masters degree -
Linden Ellicot Roman influences in West Cornwall

I am a student on the Advanced Diploma of British Archaeology course at the University of Oxford Continuing Education Department and am studying Roman influences on west Cornwall for my dissertation, due for completion August 2021. My hypothesis being that Roman influences may be visible …

Undergraduate -
Sarah Mitchell The Iron Age / Roman Transition

I'm an Ancient History and Archaeology student at Newcastle University and I'm starting to look into research for my dissertation. I want to look into hoards found from early Roman Britain and the pre-Roman Iron Age to see if there was evidence for conflict before the Romans invaded Brita…

Undergraduate -
Sandie Williams Bells from Roman Britain

To update my Masters dissertation from 2009 on the Roman bells from Britain, and increase our knowledge of their spatial and social distribution within the UK, comparing the range of sites to those from the greater Roman Empire and the Barbaricum that were previously looked at. Fu…

Personal research project -
Natalie Pascoe Chariot and equine material from late Prehistoric Wales

I am currently on the Msc Archaeology programme at Cardiff University and I am embarking on my dissertation. This research project aims to collate information on chariot and equine related finds from later prehistoric Wales. Results will be presented in a database of find locations, date …

Masters degree -
David Wigg-Wolf Roman Imperial Coinage IX

David Wiff-Wolf is writing the new edition of Roman Imperial Coinage volume IX on the Houses of Valentinian and Theodosius.

Referee: Sam Moorhead

External project (International) -
Elaine Jamieson Colonisation and Community in the Vale of Pickering

Colonisation and Community in the Vale of Pickering: exploring medieval settlement and lordship in Brompton, North Yorkshire

Looking out across the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire, it is hard to imagine that it once comprised a diverse landscap…

Personal research project -
Andrew Fitzpatrick Roman lead slingshots

Checking location of finds of Roman lead slingshots

Referee: Sam Moorhead

Personal research project -
Finlay Larkin Reuse of Early Mediaeval Coins

I am doing a dissertation based on early medieval coinage which has been altered for uses other than basic monetary function, mainly that of coins pierced for use as ornamentation. I believe research-level access could be useful in accessing relevant material as I progress with this work,…

Undergraduate -
Bethan Boulter Animal motifs on Medieval seal matrices

I am currently a Masters student at the University of Reading and am

researching the role seal matrices with animal motifs played in the

communication of personal identity in medieval England and Wales for

my dissertation. Part of my research involves analysing fin…

Masters degree 2021
Sarah Saunderson Holy Wells in Wales

I am writing to request research level access to the PAS database. I have commenced a MPhil in Archaeology at Bangor University, North Wales. My undergraduate dissertation focused on the material culture and ritual of 'Holy' Wells in Wales; a theme which I am continuing at post-gr…

Masters degree -
Roger Tomlin Inscriptions in Roman Britain

Roger Tomlin publishes the annual round-up of Romano-British inscriptions in the journal Britannia

Referee: Sam Moorhead

Major publication -
James Thomson Leeds City Council Planning

Researcher level access is requested for the preparation of archaeological site assessments to inform planning proposals. This data will provide the accuracy required for spatial analysis of clusters or in relation to other known archaeological sites.

Referee: Amy Downes

External project (UK only) -
Deborah Haycock The Devil's Causeway, Northumberland

I am researching the impact of the Devil's Causeway, Northumberland (Margary's Roman Road 87) on the settlement patterns in the area between the Coquet and the Wansbeck rivers in the post Roman periods.

This is part of a larger project "Cocwudu" administered by the Bernician Studi…

Archaeology society project 2022
Oliver Davis Iron Age South-East Wales

I am a Lecturer in Archaoelogy at Cardiff University. I am currently undertaking research on the Iron Age of South-east Wales amongst other projects. I am specifically researching a article on the Silures and a broader landscape study of Iron Age activity and material around the hillfort …

Personal research project -
Eleanor Johnson Toys in Medieval England

Research level user would be beneficial to me for research for my undergraduate degree dissertation (duration of one year) about toys in the medieval and early post-medieval periods in England, focusing on patterns of manufacture and distribution over the periods and nationally.


Undergraduate -
Philip Kiernan Roman cult offerings

I am a professor of archaeology and art history, specialising in Roman religion and small finds, especially bronzes.

My 2009 book was on miniature votive offerings, and my most recent book on Roman cult images.

I used to have full access to the database, but have not used …

Personal research project -
David Robinson Coinage of the Durotriges

I am a private researcher working on a die study of Durotriges quarter staters. I am requesting upgraded access in order to get access to more accurate find spots to improve my GIS distribution analysis.

Referee: Dr John Talbot

Personal research project -
Lee Mordechai Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy

I am the PI of the FLAME project (Framing the Late Antique and early Mediterranean Economy;, a digital humanities project of the Princeton University Numismatic Collection and the Committee for the Study of Late …

External project (International) -
Dave Carless South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group research

I am Chairman of South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group. As such I have an interest in projects covering many periods and many sites throughout southern Oxfordshire.

Nigel Peters (Hon Sec, South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group)

Archaeology society project -

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