Research based on Scheme data

National Finds Advisor Geoff Egan teaching students about small finds using boxes of objects from the teaching collection

The Portable Antiquities Scheme's database now holds records of over 1.5 million objects and a million images. This is a remarkable resource for research to increase our knowledge of the past.

The records of these objects are quite often the only chance we will get to document their existence. We make our data and images freely available under a creative commons licence (normally CC BY-SA) for everyone to use as long as they credit the copyright holder.

This part of our website lists research projects, showing who has been using our data for research and to what level. This has been compiled by Dr Sam Moorhead at the British Museum, who administers research access and looks after our research community.

Suggested projects takes you to some ideas that we believe could benefit from structured research. If you are interested in taking on one of our proposed research topics, then please contact Sam Moorhead ( or your local FLO.

The left-hand menu on this page also has a downloadable guide for researchers, some advice on the responsibilities of researchers, and a list of HERs who use our data.