Inquest: Gold Medieval Brooch from Shrewsbury

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Medieval gold annular brooch from ShrewsburyMr. Ellery, HM Coroner for Shropshire held an inquest today into a recently discovered Gold Medieval Brooch from Shrewsbury. The brooch was reported through the Portable Antiquities Scheme having been found while searching with a metal-detector on a rally on cultivated land near Shrewsbury during early November 2012.

The brooch is made of gold and is a circular / oval shape - now much distorted. The frame is of triangular section with the upper face being decorated with two floral / flower patterns formed with a central ring around which four petals extend. The interior side of the frame is decorated with a continuous band of punched rings. Whilst the outer is inscribed with a motto written Medieval French in Lombardic script: EN TOD C'EST PRE.The transcription of the motto means in all orafter all it is near. Such mottos usually refer to love with the brooch being a sign or reminder of givers desire / affection and or love. The floral bosses and pin separate the inscription. The reverse of the frame is flat and is not decorated. There is a restriction for the pin on the frame and the pin is complete. Similar annular brooches are dated to the late 13th and 14th centuries - they often hold messages of love, fealty, faith or piety - all of which are courtly or chivalric attributes in the Medieval world. The inscription - and precious metal - both denote that this brooch is of the highest status and would have been worn by a rich noblewoman or important merchants wife.

Shropshire Museums have expressed an interest in acquiring the find for the people of Shropshire - with the hope that it will be displayed in their medieval gallery at Shrewsbury Museum. Now the find has been declared treasure - it will be valued by the Governments Treasure Valuation Committee and the museum will be given a period of grace to raise the relevant funds. These monies will be paid to both the finder and landowner as a reward under the Treasure Act (1996).

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More information and images of the Shrewsbury Brooch (used with permission of British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme) can be found here:

More information about PAS and Treasure can be found here:


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