Treasure and Portable Antiquities annual statistical release 2008

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Annual statistics of the number of objects of treasure and portable antiquities in England and Wales in 2008 produced by the British Museum on behalf of DCMS were released on 23 July 2010 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

Last release date: November 2009 (Treasure and portable Antiquities Annual Report 2007)

Period covered: January to December 2008

Geographic coverage: England, Wales and Northern Ireland for treasure and England and Wales for portable antiquities
Next release date: Statistics from 2009 will be published in the first quarter of 2011
Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) record finds of treasure and portable antiquities on the Portable Antiquities database. The statistics gathered from the database together with further details of the objects found have previously been published annually in the Treasure and Portable Antiquities annual report.

Report structure/format
The report sets out the latest annual figures for the 12 months to December 2008. It also presents objects recorded by geographical area and by period and category of find. The report is available in rtf and pdf format.

Key messages

In 2008 806 finds of Treasure were reported.In 2008 53,346 finds were recorded on the Portable Antiquities database.In 2008 82 parties waived their right to a reward in 51 cases of Treasure, allowing them to be acquired by museums at no (or reduced) public cost.

Pre-release access
The document below contains a list of Ministers and officials who have received privileged early access to this release of Treasure and Portable Antiquities data. In line with best practice, the list has been kept to a minimum and those given access for briefing purposes had a maximum of 24 hours.

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The responsible analyst for this release is Peter Antonaides
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