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Shrewsbury Museums Service is delighted to be able to display for the first time some internationally important archaeological finds from Shropshire.

A pair of spoons, dating to the Iron Age (800 BC - 100 AD) were found by local metal detectorist, Mr. Trevor Brown, in mid Shropshire during 2005. They are extremely rare and only twenty-three others of this type are known in the world!

These are the first spoons of this type to be found for eighty years. The spoons are always found in pairs but no-one is sure what they were used for. It has been suggested that they have a ritual or divinatory purpose but the truth may be more prosaic. They remain evocative and enigmatic items.

The spoons were reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme and purchased for the museums via the Treasure Act, with assistance from The Friends of Shrewsbury's Museums.

Since Peter Reavill started work as Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Shropshire and Herefordshire, in 2003, the museum identification service and the Portable Antiquities Scheme have worked closely together. Peter runs finds identification afternoons in the museum and has recorded hundreds of Shropshire finds. He also acts as the main contact point for members of the public who find items that come under the Treasure Act.

The spoons are on display at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery until 22nd December, alongside other recent purchases, donations and loans of archaeological finds, dating from the Iron Age to the 17th century.

Contact: Mary White 01743 361196

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