A Portable Antiquities Scheme Conference: Advancing Archaeological Knowledge

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The running order is as follows:

10.00: Welcome (Neil MacGregor, British Museum).

Advancing knowledge of archaeological finds I (Chair - Ian Leins).

  • 10.05: Upper crust rust detecting social status from iron finds (Claire Heywood, British Museum).
  • 10.25: Interpreting Roman gold coins found in Britain (Roger Bland, British Museum).
  • 10.45: Pierced and reused coins - an overview (Laura Burnett, Ashmolean Museum).
  • 11.05: Stray coin finds in England, 1180-1351 (Julian Baker, Ashmolean Museum).
  • 11.25: Discussion.

11.35: Coffee

Advancing knowledge of archaeological finds II (Chair – Helen Geake).

  • 12.00: Late Iron Age and Roman bronze bovine vessel mounts (Angie Bolton, Worcester City Museum).
  • 12.20: Ingots and Thor's hammers: finding the Vikings at last? (Tim Pestell, Norwich Castle Museum).
  • 12.40: Regional trade in English and Continental textiles in England - the picture emerging from cloth seals (Geoff Egan, Museum of London).
  • 13.00: Discussion.

13.10: Lunch (please make your own arrangements)

Advancing knowledge of archaeological sites (Chair – Sally Worrell).

  • 14.00: Finding common ground: archaeologists and metal-detectorists… Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (John Naylor & Julian Richards, University of York).
  • 14.20: Tarde venientibus ossa – rescuing the Roman cremation at Beckfoot, Cumbria (Dot Bruns, Lancashire County Council).
  • 14.40: Finds from the River Tees at Piercebridge, Co Durham (Philippa Walton, Cambridgeshire County Council).
  • 15.00: Finds, sites, monuments and landscapes (Jude Plouviez, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service).
  • 15.20: Discussion.

15.30: Coffee

Conserving the past (Chair – Roger Bland).

  • 16.00: 'From grot to bling? - some conservation advice to the PAS' (Jim Spriggs, York Archaeological Trust).
  • 16.10: Fulford: making sense of surface finds (Chas Jones, Fulford Battlefield Society).
  • 16.30: The Bromham mirror (Julian Watters & Phil Carter, Verulamium Museum).
  • 16.50: Discussion.

17.00: Close

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