Artefacts stolen in Museum raid - Northampton

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The following images and numbers below relate to the objects stolen from the Abington Museum. If you have any information about the whereabouts of these objects, please contact Will Brown, Information and Resources Manager at Northampton Museum.
T: 01604 837279

Object Image

X.685 Blue glazed ushabti

Height 16.5cms
Width 5.31cms

Blue glazed Ushabti

X.683 Blue glazed ushabti with tools

Height 16.8cms Width 4.2cms
Ushabti with tools
X.678 Tomb model (one of the arms wasn't stolen) Height 16.7cms Width 4.4cms
Model worker
X.675 Cosmetic pot Height 6.4cms Width 4.5cms
X.717 Bronze votive figure Height 10.3cms Width 1.8cms
Broonze votive figure

X.712 Cream stoneware ushabti
Height 23.2cms Width 8.4cms


X.725 Wooden 'Ba' statue

Height 14.1cms Width 5.1cms Depth 8.9cms

Ba statue

X.724 Carved wooden head

Height 15.1cms Width 4.8cms

X.748 & X.749 Mummy beads
Mummy beads
Mummy beads

X.779 Scarab seal in ivory

Height 1.5cms Width 1.1cms

Scarab seal

X.776 Scarab seal in grey stone

Height 1.5cms Width 1.1cms

Scarab seal

X.767.2 Pair of blue glazed wings X.767.1

Height 4.7cms Width 3.3cms Height 5.1 Width 3.6cms

Wing 1
Wing 2

Contact: Will Brown

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