Serving Archaeology:Current Approaches to Sharing Archaeological Information Online

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Serving Archaeology: Current Approaches to Sharing Archaeological Information Online

Institute of Archaeology, 28 May 2005

9.15 Peter Ucko - Welcome
9:30 Ruth Tringham (UC Berkeley): Archaeology on the Web: Entanglement and Entrapment or Medium for Limitless Creativity and Communication
Session 1: Online Outreach, Entertainment and Education: Chair, Elizabeth Fentress (AIAC)
10:00 Carole Lazio (Independent Media Consultant):
Resisting Media Dyslexia
10:30 Carenza Lewis (Cambridge): Access Cambridge Archaeology - widening participation in archaeology
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Frederic Fol Leymarie (Goldsmiths): 3D Representation
12:00 Suzanne Keene (UCL): Virtual archaeology: what's the point of museums?
12:30 Martin Carver (York): Antiquity on-line: assessing, announcing, circulating and ranking research
1:00 Lunch

Session 2: Publishing SMRs, Fieldwork and Archives Online: Chair, Mike Heyworth (CBA)
2:00 William Kilbride, (York, Archaeological Data Service):
To infinity and beyond: digital scholarship and the long haul
2:30 Stuart Eve, Guy Hunt (LP Archaeology, AIAC):
Fasti OnLine.
3:00 - 4:00 Andrew Bevan (UCL),Tyler Bell (Oxford Archdigital): Current GIS and online provisions amongst English HERs
3:30 Adam Rabinowitz (University of Texas at Austin): Who needs what, and what goes where? Cosa, Chersonesos, and the integration of print and internet publication'.


Session 3: Beyond Electronic Paper: Techniques for Online Data Networking
4:30 Nick Crofts, (University of Geneva): CIDOC CRM and its implications for interoperability of online archaeological data
5:00 Matthew Stiff, (English Heritage): Linguistic Interoperability: multi-lingual thesauri
5:30 Tyler Bell (Oxford Archdigital): Technological Interoperability: the FISH toolkit
6:00 Closing Discussion
8:00 Dinner for Speakers

Contact: Andy Bevan

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