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Session 1: Setting the Scene

Andrew Burnett (Deputy Director of the British Museum) welcomed delegates to the British Museum and spoke about the support the British Museum has given PAS
Chris Batt (Chief Executive of the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council) talked about MLAs role running PAS and welcomed DCMS funding for its future. He also introduced the Arts Minister.
Estelle Morris (Minister for the Arts, DCMS) talked about the success of PAS and its educational potential. She launched the online Anglo-Saxon village of West Mucking (see )
Gill Chitty (Hawkshead Consultancy) talked about a recent review of the PAS and made some recommendations for talking the PAS forward. The Portable Antiquities Scheme - Review. (433 Kb)
Philip Wise (Curator of Archaeology, Colchester Castle Museum) talked about managing the PAS locally from the perspective of the Society of Museum Archaeologists. Managing the Scheme locally, from the perspective of the Society of Museum Archaeologists. (1.5 MB)

Session 2: Advancing Archaeological Knowledge

Paul Cuming (SMR Manager, Kent County Council) talked about the benefits of PAS data for enhancing the SMR.
PAS data and Historic Environment Records. (287 KB)
Andrew Richardson (Kent Finds Liaison Officer) talked about involving the public in archaeological excavation and gave examples from Kent.
Involving the public in archaeological excavation. (1 MB)
Andrew David (Head of Archaeological Science, English Heritage) talked about the benefits of survey work and excavation to understand detector finds. Looking to the future (2.2 MB )

Session 3: Education and Learning

Ceinwen Paynton (PAS Education Officer) talked about the educational potential of the Scheme and plans for its future educational work. 
Sharing our past: The Educational work of the PAS (2 MB) | - Comments by a year 7 child on the Anglo-Saxon Village explore - (500 KB)
Anna Marshall (South & West Yorkshire Finds Liaison Officer) talked about learning through the PAS, giving examples of the educational work of FLOs.
Evaluation and Learning (540 KB) | Evaluation and Learning text (48 KB) | Wiltshire hoard movie (8 MB)
Rod Couper (Mental Health Social Worker) talked about using PAS and archaeology (particularly field-walking) to benefit the mentally ill.
 A finder's perspective (900 KB)

Session 4: Looking to the Future

Jim Spriggs (Conservator, York Archaeological Trust) talked about YATs work providing conservation advice for PAS and developing resources and talks for finders.
Papers to follow.
David Barwell (Chairman, National Council for Metal Detecting) talked about empowering finders and working with PAS to encourage liaison and dialogue between archaeologists and finders.
Empowering finders (27 KB)
Roger Bland (Head of Portable Antiquities) talked about talking PAS forward and plans to improve the efficiency and management of PAS.
Taking the Portable Antiquities Scheme forward Text of speech. (48 KB) | Taking the Portable Antiquities Scheme forward Powerpoint presentation (500 KB)

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