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Finds days announced

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Caroline McDonald, the Finds Liaison Officer for Essex will be identifying and recording objects for the Portable Antiquities Scheme at the following locations throughout Essex:

Saturday 22nd May: Harlow Museum, 12-4pm

Sunday 13th June: All day. Colchester Castle Museum. As part of Colchester's Oyster fare, the Castle museum has free entry all day.

Sunday 11th July: All day. Essex History Fair, Canvey Island. Come and find Caroline at the Colchester Museums stand!

Saturday 17th July: Saffron Walden Museum. Come and record your objects as part of National Archaeology Open Day at the museum.

Saturday July 30th: Southend Museums times TBC

Saturday September 11th: Chelmsford Museum times TBC

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Finds days announced

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All at 10am - 4 pm, except where stated otherwise.

27 May - Amersham Library
28 May - Milton Keynes museum (Opens 11am)

2 June - Open University new library - Walton Hall, MK
24 June - Stony Stratford library
25 June - Beaconsfield library

17 July - County Museum - Aylesbury
18 July - City Discovery Centre (opens at 11am)
Alston Dr. Bradwell Abbey

4 August - Central Milton Keynes library
7 August - Old Gaol Museum, Buckingham

22 September - Marlow library

For further dtails contact FLO at:
01296 624 519
0709 2026269

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Finds days announced

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Mansfield Museum & Art Gallery, as part of their Open Day on Saturday 22nd

May, 11am-4pm

Derby Museum & Art Gallery, Wed 2nd June, 10am-2pm

Bassetlaw Museum, Retford, Saturday 5th June, 11am-4pm

Brewhouse Yard Museum, Nottingham, Thurs 5th August, 11am-4pm

Finds day

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Finds day at The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

Saturday 29th May 2004

11.00 to 4.00


Bronze Age Gold Hoard Declared Treasure

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An exceptional Bronze Age hoard of international significance has been declared treasure today by H.M. Coroner for North East Wales. Dating to the Middle Bronze Age, this hoard includes a torc, bracelet, a necklace pendant and a collection of beads and rings, all of gold.

The hoard was discovered by three friends Peter Skelly, William May and Joseph Perry, whilst metal-detecting in the Burton area, near Wrexham, during January this year.
Buried alongside the hoard were two palstaves (kinds of axes) and a chisel, within a small pot. The twisted gold wire bracelet and the pendant, made of spiralled gold wire and forming a long bead shape, are rare within Britain. One or two similar objects have been found in north-western France.   Adam Gwilt, Curator of the Bronze Age Collections at the National Museums & Galleries of Wales said:  ' The quality of workmanship displayed on the gold bracelet is stunning, and the pendant is unique. The wide range of artefacts of gold, bronze and pottery buried together in this hoard is extremely rare. It was probably buried as a gift to the Gods by a wealthy and well-connected farming community living in this part of Wales over 3000 years ago. The hoard will significantly improve our understanding of gold working and adornment in Britain between 1300-1100BC. "

Burton Hoard

The National Museums & Galleries of Wales will acquire the hoard, following its independent valuation. It is anticipated that the hoard will be displayed for the first time over the summer within a major archaeological exhibition at the National Museum & Gallery in Cardiff.  
' Buried Treasure: Finding Our Past '  will run from May 14th till September 5th, and will showcase some of the most spectacular archaeological treasures from England and Wales.

Alan Watkin, Chief Leisure, Libraries and Culture Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council said "We are very excited at the discovery of the Burton Hoard and through our formal partnership with the National Museums & Galleries of Wales, I am confident that the people of N.E. Wales will have an opportunity, hopefully next year, of seeing this unique find for themselves at the County Borough Museum"
For further information please contact:
Julie Richards, Press Officer,  National Museum & Gallery Direct line:
00 44 (0)29 2057 3185 Mobile: 07876 476695

Press release follows in Welsh

Celc Aur o'r Oes Efydd yn Drysor

Mae celc eithriadol o bwys rhyngwladol o'r Oes Efydd wedi cael ei ddatgan yn drysor heddiw gan Grwner Ei Mawrhydi dros ardal y gogledd-ddwyrain. Mae'r celc, sy'n dyddio o Ganol yr Oes Efydd, yn cynnwys torch, breichled, tlws mwclis a chasgliad o leiniau a modrwyau, a'r cyfan yn aur.
Darganfuwyd y celc gan dri chyfaill, Peter Skelly, William May a Joseph Perry, oedd  allan yn chwilota am fetel yn ardal Burton, ger Wrecsam ym mis Ionawr eleni.

Wedi'u claddu wrth ochr y celc roedd dau fwyell arbennig (o'r enw palastave) a chyn mewn llestr bychan. Mae'r freichled o wifren aur plethedig a'r tlws o wifren aur droellog mewn siâp glain hir, yn brin ym Mhrydain ond mae un neu ddau o wrthrychau tebyg wedi cael eu darganfod yng ngogledd-orllewin Ffrainc.
Dywedodd Adam Gwilt, Curadur Casgliadau Oes Efydd Amgueddfeydd ac Orielau Cenedlaethol Cymru: "Mae ansawdd y crefftwaith ar y freichled aur yn eithriadol, ac mae'r tlws yn unigryw. Mae'r amrywiaeth eang o arteffactau o aur, efydd a chrochenwaith wedi'u claddu gyda'i gilydd yn y celc hwn yn anghyffredin iawn. Mae'n debygol iddo gael ei gladdu fel rhodd i'r duwiau gan gymuned ffermio gyfoethog oedd yn byw yn yr ardal dros 3,000 o flynyddoedd yn ôl. Bydd y celc yn gwella ein dealltwriaeth o eurwaith ac addurniadau aur ym Mhrydain rhwng 1300-1100CC."

Daw'r celc yn eiddo i Amgueddfeydd ac Orielau Cenedlaethol Cymru ar ôl iddo gael ei brisio'n annibynnol. Rhagwelir y caiff y celc ei arddangos am y tro cyntaf dros yr haf mewn arddangosfa archaeolegol fawreddog yn yr Amgueddfa ac Oriel Genedlaethol yng Nghaerdydd. Bydd Trysor Cudd: Darganfod ein Gorffennol yn rhedeg o 15 Mai i 5 Medi a bydd yn dangos rhai o drysorau archaeolegol mwyaf trawiadol Cymru a Lloegr. 
Dywedodd Alan Watkin, Prif Swyddog Hamdden, Llyfrgelloedd a Diwylliant Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam: "Rydym ni'n gyffrous iawn am ddarganfyddiad Celc Burton a thrwy ein partneriaeth ffurfiol ag Amgueddfeydd ac Orielau Cenedlaethol Cymru, rwy'n hyderus y caiff pobl y gogledd-ddwyrain gyfle i weld y darganfyddiad unigryw hwn drostynt eu hunain yn Amgueddfa'r Bwrdeistref Sirol, y flwyddyn nesaf gobeithio."

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â
Julie Richards, Swyddog y Wasg yn yr Amgueddfa ac Oriel Genedlaethol  
Llinell uniongyrchol:  00 44 (0)29 2057 3185 Ffôn Boced: 07876 476695

IFA metalwork seminar

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Thursday 10th June 2004
10am - 4pm
to be held at the
Museum of London
Mortimer Wheeler House (LAARC), 46, Eagle Wharf Road, N1 7ED
Places are limited and will be allocated on submission of your remittance

10.00am Coffee/Registration
10.30am Welcome/Introduction (Nicky Powell)

10.45am Liz Barham  MoLSS
 On-going conservation of the Saxon burial chamber from Pittlewell
11.15am Geoff Egan  MoLSS
 Base Lead: Towards the Archaeology of Regulation

11.45am Sally Worrell PAS
 The Portable Antiquities Scheme and late prehistoric metalwork; some preliminary results

12.15pm Discussion

12.30pm AGM

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm Ralph Jackson British Museum
 Roman toilet articles and medical equipment-Title to be confirmed

2.30pm David Hinton University of Southampton
 Saxon Metalwork
3pm Vanessa Fell English Heritage
 X-Radiography and Metals
3.30pm Discussion

Cost: IFA members £5, Non-members £7.50

If you would like to attend please return this slip, along with your remittance by 10th May 2004, to Annette Hancocks, 15, Keynsham Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 7PU.
Cheques should be made payable to the IFA Finds Group.



Telephone and email

All that Glitters…..?

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A Conference on Treasure and Portable Antiquities
Friday 18th and Saturday 19th June 2004

Hosted by the National Museums & Galleries of Wales in collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology     

This two-day event coincides with the showing at the National Museum & Gallery Cardiff of the exhibition Buried Treasure: finding our past.  Some of the most spectacular finds from England and Wales can be seen in the exhibition.   The role of the general public in making these discoveries is also celebrated.  This exhibition is a British Museum UK Partnership project undertaken in collaboration with the National Museums & Galleries of Wales, Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service, The Manchester Museum and Tyne and Wear Museums.

The conference provides an opportunity to reflect on the impact of recent changes in law - the Treasure Act 1996 and the Dealing in Cultural Objects Act 2003 - and the introduction of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in England and Wales.  The role of the exhibition in presenting the issues surrounding these developments will be explored.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme now covers the whole of England and Wales and the database ( contains over 60,000 records of coins and objects.  We will hear from those closely involved in the reporting, recording, analysis and presentation of the gathered data.  A session on Saturday will explore more closely the situation in Wales.

Television has increased the popularity of archaeology and this has created a greater demand for an active involvement in exploring Britain's heritage.  Utilising this enthusiasm and providing opportunities for wider public participation in archaeology presents us with one of our biggest challenges.   

The conference is open to all who have an interest in finding out about the past.  We hope that discussion of these live issues will help inform future direction.  

Friday 18th June

10:30  Registration and Coffee

11:00  Welcome

11:05  Chair's introduction

11:15  Dealing in Cultural Artefacts Richard Allan MP

11:45  The Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme Dr Roger Bland
(Portable Antiquities Scheme)

12:15  Scottish Treasure Trove Review Alan Saville (National Museums of Scotland)
LUNCH  12:45 - 14:00

14:00  Chair's introduction

14:05  Life at the Interface: the roles of Portable Antiquities Officers - challenges and potentials Angie Bolton (Portable Antiquities Scheme)

14:35  Agriculture and Archaeology Bob Middleton (DEFRA)
and Dr Mike Yates (Cadw)

15:00  SMRs and Portable Antiquities Bob Croft (ALGAO)

15:30  Tea

16:00  Conservation and Analysis Hayley Bullock (British Museum)

16:30  Making sense with the data: research, publication and display
Sally Worrell and Dan Pett (Portable Antiquities Scheme)

17:00  The next steps... Lord Redesdale (All-Party Parliamentary Archaeology

17:20  Discussion

17:30-19:30  Exhibition viewing and wine reception

Saturday, 19th June

10:00  Coffee

10:30  Chair's introduction

10:40  Welcome

10:50  Keynote speech: Treasure and Culture in Wales Dr Eurwyn Wiliam
(National Museums & Galleries of Wales)

11:20  Reporting Treasure and Portable Antiquities in Wales
Mark Lodwick and Edward Besly (National Museums & Galleries of Wales)

11:50  Buried Treasure: The Making of an Exhibition
 Dr Richard Hobbs (British Museum) and Richard Brewer (National Museums &
Galleries of Wales


14:15  Chair's introduction

14:20  Buried Treasure: personal response Fraser Hunter (National Museums of

14:40  The Media's Eye on Archaeology and Treasure Julian Richards (Archaemedia)

15:10 Metal Detecting - Hands on the Past Dr Jerry Davis (South Wales Region,
 National Council for Metal Detecting)

15:30  Tea

16:00  Whose Past' Public Participation and Archaeology Tim Schadla-Hall
(Institute of Archaeology, London)

16:30  Public Participation and Archaeology Mike Farley

17:00  Response from the audience and discussion

17:45  End of conference

Please contact  Elizabeth Verrinder, Department of Archaeology & Numismatics, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP (Tel: 029 2057 3229)  for more information.

The literature for the event can be obtained as a PDF [here >>]

Finds days announced

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16th July 2004

Finds Day at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery

as part of National Archaeology Day

10am to 5.30pm

Bring in your mystery objects and artefacts for identification and talk

about the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Blue Peter: ‘Record your finds with the Portable Antiquities Scheme’

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Today (5th April 2004) Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas encouraged finders of archaeological objects 'to show them to the Portable Antiquities Scheme' so they can help add to our knowledge of the past.

Ian Leins (Portable Antiquities Scheme, Finds Adviser: Iron Age & Roman Coins) was on hand to advise Blue Peter about a hoard of more than 15,000 Roman coins that had been found by Ken Allen of Thornbury (South Gloucestershire) whilst digging a fishpond in his garden. Initially the find had been reported to Kurt Adams (Gloucestershire & Avon Finds Liaison Officer) based at Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery.

 Ian Leins (Portable Antiquities Scheme) telling Simon Thomas (Blue Peter) about the coins
Ian Leins (Portable Antiquities Scheme) telling Simon Thomas (Blue Peter) about the coins

Most of the coins date to the period of AD 330 to 335 and are of three basic types: commemorative issues showing personifications of the city of Rome and the newly founded city of Constantinople, and Gloria Exercitus types showing soldiers holding military standards. The coins of a number of different emperors are represented, including Constantine the Great (306-337), his rival Licinius (307-318), and Constantine's sons Constanine II, Constantius II and Constans. The reasons for the burial of the hoard remains a mystery, but it would have represented a substantial amount of money at the time it was deposited. It is one of the biggest Roman coin hoards ever discovered in England: the largest of this period was found in Dorset and contained about 22,000 coins.

Simon Thomas (Blue Peter) talking about the hoard during filming

Simon Thomas (Blue Peter) talking about the hoard during filming

Blue Peter became interested in the story as it is quite possible viewers might discover similar objects (though perhaps not on this scale) whilst digging in their gardens at home. The message to viewers - encouraging finders to report their discoveries to the Portable Antiquities Scheme - is an important one since it is hoped that children (and indeed adults) who watch the programme will have a better understanding of the importance of archaeological finds for learning about the past. We also hope that, with millions of children tuning in to watch the programme, many new finds will be reported over the next few months. We will keep you posted....     

Michael Lewis (Deputy Head of Portable Antiquities) with Konnie Huq and Liz Barker (Blue Peter presenters) 

Michael Lewis (Deputy Head of Portable Antiquities) with Konnie Huq and Liz Barker (Blue Peter presenters)

The programme is to be screened today at 5pm on BBC1.

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Portable Antiquities Events in Herefordshire and Shropshire

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• Wednesday 24th March: Finds Identification Day at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (Rowley House) 12-4pm

• Friday 26th March: Finds Identification Day at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 11am-3pm

• Friday 16th April: Finds Identification Day at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 11am-3pm

• Saturday 17th April: Finds Identification Day at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (Rowley House) 12-3pm

• Saturday 8th May: Finds Identification Road Show at the Local Heritage Forum Day, Shropshire County Council, Shire Hall, Shrewsbury

• Wednesday 12th May: Finds Identification Day at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 10:30am-2:30pm

• Saturday 22nd May: Finds Identification Clinic in conjunction with Newport and District History Society, Newport Library, Newport, Shropshire 11am- 2:30pm

• Thursday 3rd June: Finds Identification Day at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (Rowley House) 10:30: 1:30pm

• Friday 4th June: Finds Identification Day at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 11am-3pm

• Thursday 10th June: Finds Identification Day at Ross Market House Heritage Centre, Ross on Wye: 10:30 onwards

National Archaeology Weekend
• Saturday 17th July:  Finds Identification Sessions in Leominster with Herefordshire Heritage Services 10am-4pm

• Sunday 18th July: Finds Identification Sessions in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (Rowley House) with Shrewsbury Heritage Services 10:30am-1pm

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