Why should I register for an account on this site?

The Scheme's website has a registration facility, which you may want to make use of. There are some benefits that you can make use of by registering:

  • No reCaptchas on forms
  • Email address and name filled in automatically on all comments and contact us forms (You can change these)
  • If you are a finder, you can ask the Scheme's staff to link your records that we produce to your user account. You then don't need to go searching for them.
  • If you are interested in recording your own objects, you have that facility available to you. You might want to speak to our FLOs first before diving into this as it is mired in standards!
  • All your searches are saved, you can go back and see what you searched for!
  • You can save specific searches for favourite queries
  • If you are a bona fide researcher, you can request an upgrade of your account to show full National Grid References and enhanced mapping interfaces (you will need to agree to our terms and conditions and support your application with a referee).