Configuring the copy last record function

If you have been set up to record objects on the database, you will have seen a button labelled "copy last record". This function allows you to duplicate the very last record that you created for any of these tables - coins, finds or find spots. By default, these fields are copied for each type of record:

The find form

Finder name, SMR reference, Other reference, First date found qualifier, First date found, Second date found, Ascribed culture, Discovery method, Discovery circumstances, Description, Object type, Classification, Sub-classification, Inscription, Object period certainty from, Object period from, Object period certainty to, Object period to, Object sub-period from, Object sub-period to, Broadperiod, Date from qualifier, Date from, Date to qualifier, Date to, Primary material, Secondary material, Manufacture method, Decoration method, Surface treatment, Decoration style, Preservation, Completeness, Reuse, Period of reuse, Length, Width, Height, Thickness, Diameter, Weight, Quantity, Current location, Recorder, Primary identifier, Secondary identifier, Museum accession number, Subsequent action, Notes, Find of note, Find of note reasoning, Treasure, Treasure ID number

The coin form

Description, Grid reference, Grid reference source, Grid reference certainty, Known as, Comments, Land use value, Land use code, Depth of discovery, Parish, RegionID, District

The find spot form

Greek state, Secondary ruler, Secondary ruler qualifier, Tribe, Ascribed culture, Primary ruler qualifier, Denomination, Denomination qualifier, Mint, Mint qualifier, Medieval category, Medieval type, Type, Status, Status qualifier, Moneyer, Reece period, Obverse description, Obverse inscription, Initial mark, Reverse description, Reverse inscription, Reverse mintmark, Reverse type, Reverse type qualifier, Degree of wear, Die axis, Die axis certainty, Allen type, Mack type, BMC type, Ancient British Coinage type, Van Arsdell type, CHIAB number

These fields might not suit how you record objects, so to change this you can now configure your own combinations. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the database
  2. On the very first screen you come to ( click on the link in the left hand menu labelled "Configure the copy function"
  3. Click on the button under the list of fields and you will go to the configuration checkbox list. These are enormous as we record so much metadata about each object. Check or uncheck the ones you want to copy for a record and then press submit.
  4. The list will change and should be reflected next time you copy a coin, a find or a find spot.