Penannular Rings

Ornaments whose function is unknown. This category includes a wide range of types as rings of solid gold (plain or decorated with grooved patterns), gold-plated rings with copper alloy core, striped rings with silvery gold alloy wire circumferentially inlaid and gold plated rings on white metal core, with punched decoration.

Dating and distribution

Date: 1000 BC - circa 750 BC
Distribution: Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland


Solid plain gold ring BM WG 30

Gold penannular plain ring late Bronze Age

Solid decorated gold ring BM 1874, 0303.3

A Late Bronze Age pennanular gold ring

Gold plated penannular ring with copper alloy core) BM WG 23

A late bronze age pennanular gold ring

Hollow open gold alloy shell with no core BM 1874, 0303.2

Late Bronze Age pennanular gold ring

Gold striped penannular ring


Gold foil plated ring with silvery gold wire inlaid into the gold foil BM 1888,1212.1

A gold penannular ring

Gold plated tin core with punched decoration BM 1965, 0606.1

A gold pennanular ring


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