Metal working debris

Casting jets/sprues

When bronze socketed objects are produced casting jets/sprues are formed and then removed from the finished object. The jets could then be recycled and used to cast more objects.

Dating and areas of discovery

Date: 1150-800 BC
Distribution: Britain


Casting jet / sprue ESS-3E54E3

Pieces of casting jet or sprue

Casting jet / sprue SUSS-B3A0F2

Casting sprue

Casting jet / sprue LIN-D742F2


Slag consists of the compounds which are removed from the smelting process. These compounds can be impurities such as metal oxides, silicon dioxide and metal sulphides. Slag can be reused in the smelting process to assist in temperature control or discarded. Generally, slag looks like an irregular pitted lump and therefore is difficult to date with certainty.

Dating and areas of discovery

Date: 2150-800 BC
Distribution: Britain


Slag BERK-26E0E5

Slag KENT-3DE053


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